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Dogs & Covid-19

Studies are going on right now to see if dogs can sniff out the coronavirus in people. For a long time, dogs have sniffed out other diseases (e.g., diabetes and malaria), so scientists are confident that they’ll be able to do the same with covid-19. Imagine dogs screening people at airports and gatherings. They’re quicker than waiting for the results of a test. Of course, if you’re singled out by the dog you’ll still have to take the test to be sure. If not, though, you forego the anxiety of wondering if you should be tested. Watch this short video:

A Special Day for Your Mutt

Call him a “mutt” or “half-breed” or “exotic mix,” he’s still our treasured family member.  And today is his day.  It’s National Mutt Day, also known as National Mixed Breed Day.  Well, one of the annual days, since it’s also celebrated on Dec. 2.  But,  hey, humans’ best friend deserves two days.

Animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige established this day in 2005 to counter the trend toward designer-dogs and pure breeds. plus over-breeding, especially by puppy-mills to supply pet stores with these dogs.  The result has been sick and extremely neglected dogs.

Meanwhile, 80% of dogs in shelters are mixed breeds just waiting to be adopted before they’re euthanized.  This day is intended to point out that mutts generally live longer, are healthier, naturally better behaved, and can just as easily be trained to be service dogs, bomb/drug-sniffers, search and rescue–you name it.  And they’ll wag “I-love-yous” even when you’re grouchy.

Think about it.

Fireworks & Your Insurance

Independence Day is this weekend. Traditionally, we celebrate the 4th of July by setting off fireworks in our yard or maybe in the middle of our court. Add a bit of alcohol to the participants, and carelessness can lead to injury and property damage. That’s why fireworks of all kinds, even the “Safe and Sane” variety, are banned in many places.

Here’s the thing. If they are banned, that means they’re illegal. If you set off illegal fireworks and they hurt someone or burn down your house, your homeowner’s insurance (or any insurance) will NOT cover you. You’ll be left to bear the financial burden totally yourself. (This, of course, is on top of the fine you’ll get.) If you burn down someone else’s house (or nearby business), their insurance company will pay to rebuild their home–then sue you to get their money back.

So, take this into consideration when those fireworks look so tempting. I hope you’ve learned what most of us have, that the idea that “it won’t happen to me” is totally untrue and a dangerous premise to base your actions on.

Please have a safe holiday without fireworks. My property and my dog will thank you.


People are exploiting their dogs during this shelter-at-home time. We’re using them to meet our need for companionship and exercise. To an extreme. We figure the animals love all the extra attention. In case you wonder what they really think, though, read this possible classified ad:

Pets & Your Health

If you don’t own a pet, maybe you should get one. A pet offers a whole bunch of health benefits to you:

  • Buffer stress
  • Lower heart rate
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Give social support
  • Help you stay in shape
  • Prevent certain sicknesses

And to your children:

  • Cognitive stimulation
  • Improved behavior in children
  • Heightened understanding of others
  • Increased immunity
  • Lower anxiety levels

You can read why pet ownership gives you these benefits by reading this Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center’s short article Health Benefits of Pet Ownership.

By the way, Feb. 20 is National Love Your Pet Day. So, love your pet…or get one.

Sink Your Canines Into This

I discovered a dog-show I can really sink my canines into!  The Kennel Club ones are okay, but the dogs are over-groomed and the owners over-tense.  I’m talking about the American Rescue Dog Show.  It’s open only to dogs adopted from rescue organizations and shelters.  And you can bet the only papers these dogs have are newspapers on the floor and paper-towel wipe-ups.  The owners are more laid back and at least as proud of their furry ones as those in the Kennel Club contests.  These dogs compete in categories that matter to families, especially kids: Best in Belly Rubs, Best Couch Potato, Best Wrinkles, Best Wiggly Butt….  To me, though, the best thing is watching what looks like love born from these dogs’ appreciation for being rescued and brought into a loving forever home. 

A Question for Valentine’s Day

On this Valentine’s Day–a day celebrating love and caring–it occurred to me that, if natural enemies can overcome their fear, distrust, and unloving attitudes toward each other, why can’t humans?

Poetic Justice for the Pup

My 11-month-old puppy chews everything she can get her paws on. Including my Bible (good Christian dog really devoured the Word)! She can’t reach my refrigerator magnets, though. Now you understand why I liked this cartoon. I hope you do, too.

Which Animals Allowed on the Beach?

No lengthy comment needed on this one. Just for humans who enjoy the outdoors to think about.

What a Dog-Gone Day Today Is!

Today, and every Aug. 26 since 2004, is National Dog Day. It’s a day for all of our dogs, pure-bred or so mixed they have to be referred to as “American.” The day was established to remind us of the multitude of dogs that need to be rescued or re-homed, and the many way dogs serve us–protecting us, searching out bombs, drugs, and humans lost in earthquake rubble, helping the blind and disabled, and, in recent years, detecting seizures and cancer in people. Read about this day and its significance at About National Dog Day.

Meanwhile, I’m remembering all my past faithful furry friends and celebrating Rosie, my re-homed companion/helper, shown here when she couldn’t decide on whether to continue her nap or play.