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Worst Prison

Thoughtful Thursday Quote #2


“The worst prison would be a closed heart.” (Pope John Paul II).  If we all had open hearts, would we even need prisons?

Guns and Society

Our Gun Mentality

In yesterday’s news I heard of two separate incidences of an intruder being greeted by a person in the house with a gun.  A man held the intruding teen at gunpoint until police arrived; a 14-year-old shot and almost killed an armed man. I’m thankful that both families are safe.  But it scares me that loaded guns are so accessible in homes AND in the hands of thugs. Both situations are dangerous and unpredictable. Today, for all sides of the law—victims, perpetrators, and police—the norm seems to be to grab a gun and use it and ask questions later…maybe. Our culture of violence hurts my heart.

Fight Torture!

U.S. Use of Torture

How can we as a nation stand up for human rights in other parts of the world but condone the use of torture ourselves?  This is Torture Awareness Month and today is  National Call-In Day–a day for us to call our Representatives to urge them to co-sponsor legislation to limit our use of indefinite military detention, a form of torture.

Our True Work

Thoughtful Thursday Quote #1

“Our work is to sow. Another generation will be reaping the harvest.” (Dorothy Day, Aims and Purposes)  — So let’s get to work!


Immigration Day–Take Action

Do something for Immigration Day today.  Here are some easy suggestions:

Take the pledge to join Angelina Jolie in raising awareness about the plight of refugees worldwide.

Attend one of many World Refugee Day events taking place across the country.

Watch and share Angelina Jolie’s Public Service Announcement. (Premiering June 20th!)

Watch and share Khaled Hosseini’s World Refugee Day message.


Twelve years ago the U.N. created World Refugee Day to highlight the 43 million people—8 people every minute–who have fled from their homes to escape persecution, war, or natural disasters.  Tomorrow, June 20, is World Refugee Day.  Find out how to help by going to  Click on each picture to find an action you can take.

Women in Burkas

In the news I see women totally covered up in burkas out there protesting, and I hear of women who get together to lay them aside as they gather in someone’s home to discuss politics and literature and exchange ideas. I see them standing up for the safety of their families.  It suddenly hit me: you can cover these women up but you can’t SHUT them up!  That’s true bravery.