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Where You Are

During this time of year, we can feel overwhelmed by what we want or need to do. Today’s Thursday Thought quote reminds us where we need to be at this moment.

Disbelief, Doubt, and Guilt

Ch 14: Ray has died. The scene is vivid in her mind. Her emotions bubble over remembering his family’s ill treatment of her at the hospital and later. She recalls grieving the loss of her beloved while, at the same time, being at odds as to what to do to deal with them and with practical matters Ray had overseen. Gaining self-confidence, she thinks about home improvements, only to face guilt over the possibility that she might be erasing Ray from their home. She questions herself, including whether she acted correctly during his illnesses, which heaps on more guilt. How do her long-deceased Influencers help her?

Giving Tuesday: Simple Ways to Celebrate

Today is “Giving Tuesday,” a holiday designed to balance out the self-absorbed madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  On this day, business, charities, communities, and families enter into the spirit of giving.  EVERYONE can participate.  If not with our wallets, then with our excess food in our pantries or the second Buy-one/Get-One-Free item.  With that like-new clothing we loved when we bought it but know we’ll never wear.  With those toys our kids opened Christmases ago but sit in their boxes, unplayed with.  With blankets and rain ponchos for the homeless who are about to be caught in what promises to be a harsh winter.  Or simply with the gift of our time: to help at a shelter or soup kitchen; to visit a lonely elder in a nursing home; to comfort a grieving family; to be with a troubled child.  I hope Giving Tuesday expands to Giving Everyday.  During this month, though, it turns the madness into a loving anticipation of a Christmas season packed with all the meaning it’s supposed to have.

Black Friday — Wrong Color

BLACK FRIDAY sales are upon us. This event is definitely misnamed.  Think about the purpose of all the hype: to sell stuff.  Much of the goods sold will go on credit and debit cards.  And there are actually still people who reach into their pockets for paper and bits of metal and pay that way.  No matter what the method, though, it’s a river of money flowing away from us and into companies’ reservoir of profits.

Overall, that’s good for the economy…but not for individuals and families with too little saved up at this time.  In other words, many people are adding to their burden of debt.  Doesn’t that put them into the RED?  Then, shouldn’t the event be called RED Friday?

Can She Choose a Hat?

Ch 13 Two Tattered Hats: Like many women, caring for an extremely ill husband fell to her. Grasping the harsh reality that the roles of wife and caregiver are not compatible, she found herself switching hats constantly. It took its toll on her physically, mentally, and emotionally. She struggled with exhaustion. She questioned her actions. She mourned the loss of parts of the marriage relationship. She fought her own isolation. She felt guilt at sometimes just wanting to run away. Could she have the strength she observed of her Influencers as they went through life-changing situations?

My Dollar IS Going Farther!

I’m hopeful! When I did Thanksgiving shopping yesterday, I thought I was getting more bang for my buck. Today’s news showed I was right. Problem is, improvement is slow enough that it doesn’t feel like it’s happening. BUT IT IS!

How Eco-Savvy are You?

Think you know a lot about protecting the environment?  Take this short quiz.  You might learn something new.–How_Eco-Savvy_Are_You.pdf

Chocolate, Mimosas, Authors, & Books

What’s happening Nov. 25? Small Business Saturday. I’m celebrating it by being one of the authors (my picture front and center on flyer) at the Authors’ Day at BookSmart bookstore in Morgan Hill CA. I’ll have two of my books with me. If you can come, it’s 10AM – 2 PM at 421 Vineyard Town Center Morgan Hill CA 95037. There will be mimosas and chocolate! Would love to see you. If not, go shopping at another small business that day. Small businesses, often family owned and run, are the heart of any community.

Don’t tell Me It Can’t Be Done!

I really personally responded to today’s Thursday Thought quote. As a person growing up with a physical disability, I was often told what I CAN’T DO. I resented it–and then did it.

Her Faith’s Rocky Road

For a few more weeks, if it’s Wednesday, you get a glimpse of a chapter of my book, The Women in Me: How They Helped Me Survive and Thrive (https: (// Today’s peek is into Ch. 12, That Powerful 5-Letter Word.”

Like most people going through tough times – even agnostics – Nancy had an on-again/off-again relationship with God. Growing up in a faith that was nurtured by her Influencers, she had a strong base. However, life has a way of beating people down, weakening even the strongest faith. She was no different. This chapter chronicles a faith journey readers will recognize.