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The Most Excellent Action

Today’s Thursday Thought is a very tall order. Yet, if each of us accomplished even one of these things with at least one person every month…what a world this would be!

“What action is most excellent?  To gladden the heart of a human being, to feed the hungry, to help the afflicted, to lighten the sorrow of the sorrowful, and to remove the wrongs of the injured.” — Mohammed

This Should Not Happen to a Child

There have been far too many of these incidents. And we know ONLY of the ones someone caught on video and put out into cyber space or on the news. How many other children have been caught up in someone’s bigotry and anger? This is a trend that must NOT be allowed in America! Our children are too precious, too important. Is this the lesson we want them to carry into adulthood?

Free House-Cleaning for Cancer Patients

One of the many frustrations of a woman fighting cancer is her home that needs a good cleaning. It may seem like an unimportant thing, but it’s a reminder of her physical weakness and lack of energy. And a clean house is healthier for her.

That’s why the organization Cleaning for a Reason was formed. They will clean the home of a cancer patient at no cost to her, thus brightening her life a bit. They have served 33,000 women through the 1200 maid services working with them.

If you are or know a woman who could benefit from this service, look into it and apply. Find information at

Human Contradiction

Humans are such strange beings……

Protect Our Veterans

Life is hard for veterans, who may come back to face loss of jobs, family, friends, life-focus, homes, physical disability, emotional hurdles. So much so that many resort to suicide. It’s up to us, the people they defended, to protect them. Keep this phone number handy to pass on to a vulnerable vet. In fact, loan the vet your cell phone and be with them while they make the call. It’s the least we can do.

Simple Wishes, Willing Girl

Kids can often teach adults some important lessons. For example, 11-year-old Ruby teaches compassion, consideration, and generosity of spirit. She saw residents of a nursing home who were sad, missing the little pleasures in life, and she did something about it. Read about what she did, why, and the results at 11-Year-old Girl Has Been Granting the Simple Wishes of Nursing Home Patients.

Why Presidents’ Day?

Presidents’ Day–What is it, how did it grow out of Washington’s Birthday, why do we celebrate it, and was George Washington really who the legends say he was? Find out at

Cut Your Heating Bill

45% of the total energy used in U.S. homes goes toward heating.  So it pays to let the sun in, seal drafts, use insulated window coverings, and replace your old furnace, which is probably only 65% efficient (or less) and might burn 400 more therms of natural gas than a new model that’s 95% efficient. It’s good for you AND for the Earth.

[For more easy, money-saving, Earth-friendly tips, download a FREE copy of Green Riches: Help the Earth & Your Budget. Go to or your favorite e-book seller and download to your computer or e-book device. Totally free, with no strings attached.]

“Funny” TV Ads

Gotta love those funny TV commercials!  How about the ad where one guy hits another in the head with a cell phone, twice, or where a woman bounces a cue ball off the forehead of an obnoxious man?  Then there’s the guy who breaks down a wall to be allowed to answer a quiz question.  We’re supposed to laugh, of course.  If we do, though, what we’re telling our kids is that violence is both an acceptable response to minor irritants and funny.  It’s time to change this way of thinking.  We start not by laughing at the aggressive scene but by using the ads as a chance to talk to our kids about violence against our fellow humans.  Our discussion will likely bring out stories of similar antagonism on the playground or among their friends and give us a chance to offer guidance in how to handle such situations. 

Tee-Shirt Truth

Sometimes I see a tee-shirt that resonates truth.  Like this one, which I offer as today’s Thursday Thought.