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Choosing a Last-Minute Halloween Costume

You may be planning to choose a last-minute Halloween costume this weekend for your kids or for an adult party.  Some people may say, “Wear what you want and to H-E-Double-Toothpick with what people think.”  Fact is, though, that you or your kids will be around a cross-section of America.  You know, the country that calls itself the “melting pot”?  And a population of people who have had some pretty bad experiences.

Keep that in mind.  If you have what you think is funny or perfect to wear, check out Don’t Even Think of Wearing These 14 Costumes for Halloween.  It explains why certain costumes should not even be considered.

Have fun on Halloween.  And let others happily enjoy themselves, as well.


I “See” U, Little Baby

If you love babies and have a little time, take a tip from this “ICU Grandpa.”  He makes a big difference in the lives and health of babies who are starting life–barely–more vulnerable than other babies, and whose lives may very well be projected in terms of hours rather than years.  Watch this video and, if this is something you can do, call local hospitals to find out about their baby-nurturing programs.


Just Say “Yes” to Drugs

[I’m posting my “Sensible Saturday” on Friday night to give you a heads-up.  Tomorrow is an important day, but you have only  a few hours to participate.  It’s National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day, when you can get rid of your unused prescription drugs in a safe, healthy way.  Here’s the DRA’s blurb:]

National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day will be October 28, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. National Take-Back Day is a safe, convenient, and responsible way to dispose of unused or expired prescription drugs.

The Drug Enforcement Administration first launched its “Take-Back” day more than six years ago and since then has collected more than 8.1 million pounds of prescription drugs from the public.

Check out DEA’s Take Back Day website for information and to find collection sites near you.

[Read about it, then just say YES and DO IT!!!!!]


A Roman Concern

I’m not a huge student of history, but I have read a lot about Rome–its greatness and its downfall.  I fear that I’m seeing parallels with my beloved United States…politically, emotionally, ethically, and in concern for citizens and strangers.

I’m Guilty!

To win an argument a few days ago, someone threw at me, “You’re just an unreasonable feminist!”  To him, I say, “Thank you. I’m guilty.” Today’s Thursday Thought explains why.

“A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.”  — Gloria Steinem

She is MY Sunshine

This video is proof that children are born knowing the right thing to do. Add some nurturing from parents, and we have someone who may be very short but we can’t help looking up to.

Germ-Crusted Dishes?

Air-dried dishes (rack or open dishwasher) are in no greater danger of gathering germs than  heat-drying them in the machine.  Yet heat drying can use at least an extra 25 kilowatt hours a year.  (If you’re really concerned about germs, avoid that dish towel that’s been reused and sitting around.)

[For more easy, money-saving, Earth-friendly tips, download a FREE copy of Green Riches: Help the Earth & Your Budget. Go to or your favorite e-book seller and download to your computer or e-book device. Totally free, with no strings attached.]

The Lightning Truth

I couldn’t figure out who was telling the truth, as I listened to various versions of the same news event, all told by people who really should know the truth.  Then one sentence from The Lightning Thief cleared it up for me.  Maybe today’s Thursday Thought will help clarify some things for you.

“It’s funny how humans can wrap their mind around things and fit them into their version of reality.” –Rick Riordan

Can I Please Have a Side of Poison with my Pasta?

Do you have any idea how much antibiotics you’re eating with  your burger, taco, pizza, pasta, buffalo wings–in any restaurant food, really? How much can you depend on your favorite restaurants to have food and policies to protect our health–Applebee’s, Olive Garden, Chipotle, Panera, Dominos, Dairy Queen, IHOP, Dunkin’ Donuts…and all the rest.

Read the informative article, Restaurant Report Card: How Healthy is Your Fast Food Meat?  You’ll be pleased by some of your favorite eating spots–and horrified by others.

Good Fun?

If you don’t laugh, the jokester will shake his head at you and say, “Come on.  It’s all in good fun.”  Yet. the ethnic joke he’s told makes you cringe.   That’s your conscience responding to an attack on the human family.  At that moment, you are inwardly aware that someone’s dignity is being attacked.  Deep inside we know that such put-downs only feed bad feelings or stereotypes, keeping them alive.  They are hurtful rather than healing in our world.

A step toward protecting human dignity is to stop tolerating those insults.  There are two rules in doing this: 1) use a response that is natural and comfortable for you, and 2) make your point but don’t humiliate the person you’re speaking to.  For example, you might say, “That joke makes you sound prejudiced, and I know that can’t be true.”  Or, “My brother-in-law is Irish and he’s not a drunk.”  Sometimes people’s attention just needs to be drawn to what they are actually saying.