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Too Good to Waste

Want to save money on your food bill and be kinder to the Earth at the same time? You’d be surprised how much good food we just toss away.Take the I Value Food challenge to find out where the food waste is in your home and what changes you can make to reduce waste and save money.

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Dump those Drugs Tomorrow

Stop accumulating those drugs!  There are Drug Take-Back Days throughout the year, but tomorrow, from 10:00 to 2:00, is National Drug Take-Back Day–a good day to take care of this important chore.  Gather all your left-over prescriptions, those drugs that you don’t need, and ones that are outdated. Take them to a near-by collection site to be disposed of properly.  Type in your zip code HERE to find a site near you.

Medications don’t have to be in their original containers.  Also, you just drop them off–no questions about who you are or where you got them.

This cleans out your medicine cabinet, safeguards young children in your family, and prevents the drugs from polluting the earth and poisoning wildlife, which happens when drugs are flushed down the toilet or tossed into the garbage (landfill).

Today, put a Post It on your medicine cabinet so you remember to do this tomorrow. Don’t forget: the take-back event runs only from 10 A.M to 2 P.M.


Funny Things You Hear on Take Your Child to Work Day

What’s your reaction to today’s Take Your Child to Work Day? The kid loves it, and it’s great parent-child bonding. But how do people react? Read on. (Taken from Take Your Child To Work Day’ Quotes: 10 Funny Sayings You Can Share At The Office.)

“Sorry, but your child told your boss what you really think.”

“I actually look forward to Take Your Daughter to Work Day. I’m not great with kids, but I want to get better. Because I’m getting married. So I put on a bunch of extra candy on my desk so the kids will come talk to me. Like the witch in ‘Hansel and Gretel.’” — Pam Beasley from “The Office”

“I like kids, but this not a kids environment. This is like HBO, no limits. Who knows what I’m going to say, crazy stuff, and it is R-rated, it is not rated G. I am like Eddie Murphy in ‘Raw,’ and they are trying to make me into Eddie Murphy in ‘Daddy Daycare.’ Both great movies, but still.” — Michael Scott from “The Office”

“Now that I’ve seen you explain your job to your child, I realize how little you actually do.”

“Take your child to work day is a wonderful opportunity to pull the fire alarm and blame the children.”

“I noticed on take your kids to work day that your child was actually better at your job than you are.”

“I’m bringing my kids to work so they can see why I’m such a bitch when I get home.”

“Taking my kid to work will only further reinforce my fear that I can be easily replaced by a six year old.”

“Today our office will be overrun by smaller and even whinier versions of ourselves.”

“I refuse to take my kids to work because they’re so much more talented on those computer things than I am.”

Tight Jeans–Invitation to Rape?

Denim Day?!  How stupid is that!  Not at all when we look at how it started and what wearing denim today means.

18 years ago the Italian Supreme Court reversed a rapist’s conviction because his victim was wearing tight denim pants.  Therefore, (they guessed) she must have helped him remove them.  Therefore, ruled the court, because she had given implied consent, the sex was  consensual.  The women in Parliament wore denim the next day in support of the victim and protest at the decision.  Thus, Denim Day was born.

What does it mean?  Standing up for rape victims.  Saying that what a woman wears does NOT mean she’s asking to be raped.  That there needs to be changes in attitudes toward sexual assault.  As the Denim Day Campaign says, “There is no excuse and never an invitation to rape.”

A New Prince Among millions of Royal Children

As we greet the new royal child, let’s think about how we can protect ALL the children of the world.  This little prince will never face hunger, homelessness, exploitation, or death by diseases that are virtually unknown in most of the world.  He won’t have to work long hours in the field before even hisr tenth birthday to help support his family.  For a certainty, he will have the opportunity for a first-rate education and be able to pass on his good fortune to his own children.

Not all babies are born into that world.  Many, many face abject poverty, malnutrition, and illiteracy.  Those who do survive to have families of their own will pass those conditions on to their children as their only possible legacy.

Those of us who are in a position to do something about the futures of these children must actually do something.  If we have the means, we can donate funds to organizations, here and abroad, that fight poverty, feed the hungry, and educate all the children.  We can volunteer as baby-rockers in at-risk hospital nurseries; aides for teachers of limited-English-speaking classes; tutors for underachieving students or those locked away at Juvenile Hall.  We can visit a museum, art gallery, zoo, tech museum, or the like, taking with us a child of parents struggling to find jobs or working several jobs to meet the bills.  We can invite a latch-key child to help make a double batch of cookies or casserole, and send half of it home with the young cook to show off to the family.  We can do…a million little things that will make a difference in a young life, things that will make a lasting impression, build his or her self-esteem, teach a concept or a skill, and, therefore, provide a step toward a better life than the child might have had.

After all, isn’t each child a royal child?

Let Others Tell You How to Live?

Go ahead and let other people tell you what to do and run your life.  No?  Don’t want to?  A  whole bunch of people are doing just that.  Look at these figures:

  • One in five U.S. eligible voters is not registered to vote.
  • 40 percent of eligible voters did not vote in the 2016 election.

If you fall into one of those two groups, you are letting others make big decisions for you–like taxes, healthcare, housing, citizenship, transportation costs, and who represents (or fails to represent) you.

Every vote does matter, because each one adds to another which adds to another….  Coming up shortly, SOMEONE will decide many major issues.  There are 435 House seats and 35 Senate seats to be decided, plus governors, school boards, city councils, district attorneys, and judges in YOUR state and city.

I ask Are you registered and will you vote?  If not, you can’t complain when people are elected and laws enacted that make your life miserable.

Think about it.


Ride an Elephant

For each mile you walk, jog, skip, bike, skateboard, or ride a horse, donkey, or elephant (you get tie idea) instead of driving, you keep one pound of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

[For more easy, money-saving, Earth-friendly tips, download a FREE copy of Green Riches: Help the Earth & Your Budget. Go to or your favorite e-book seller and download to your computer or e-book device. Totally free, with no strings attached.]

Simple Wisdom from a Simple Woman

I think Saint/Mother Teresa was one of the wisest women ever to live. In today’s Thursday Thought, she looks into our homes.

An Overlooked Group of WWII Vets

[Today I have a guest blogger, Justine Wong.  She presents what I think is a wonderful idea.]

The United States has acknowledged other marginalized groups that served in WWII including African Americans, Native Americans, Japanese Americans, women, and most recently Filipino Americans. The S.1050 and H.R.2358 seeks to recognize the Chinese Americans who fought in the war. As of May 4th, 2017 it has been introduced in the House of Congress. If Congress were to pass these bills the medal would be displayed in the Smithsonian Institution.

Read about this overdue honor at Recognize Chinese American Veterans with the Congressional Gold Medal. And while you’re at that web page, sign the petition so we can get this going!

Some Tax-Day Humor

If you tried to put your taxes together yourself, you’ll appreciate this one.  If you went to a tax service, see how much fun you missed?  Happy Tax Day!