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Sadness in What I See

I hear too much, see too much. From everyone. But it’s what’s coming from my fellow Christians that cuts deeply into me. We are so divided, divisive, dismissive, cruel, nasty, and unloving. We’ve tossed the teachings of Jesus out the window, replacing them with twisted versions and burying the idea of respecting and loving ourselves and spreading it to our neighbors. And why? WHY? Because of politics, of all things! I can’t help thinking that Jesus is even sadder than I am.

How Hot is that Car?

Your child or pet loves going “bye-bye” with you. You take them to the grocery store, lock the car for safety, roll the window down a little for air, and run in for a carton of milk. Two minutes, right? But then you remember a couple of other things you need (now up to 10 minutes), then run into a friend (now 20 minutes). Maybe a magazine catches your eye, or you read package labels to be sure the item is healthy. Without thinking, your 2-minute stop has become 30. Back in the car, what’s happening? How safe is your child or pet? Let this chart be an eye-opener for you.

New Use for Orange & Grapefruit Skins

Summer’s here. Start your garden by using orange-halves or half grapefruit skins to plant seeds in.  Keep moist.  When they’re ready, plant the seedlings, skins and all, into the ground.  The skins add nutrients to the soil

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A Happy Thought re: Sleep

I’m afraid that counting sheep never worked for me. My imagination allowed them to wander off so I had to go get them, therefore losing count. Or there was a cute lamb. Lots of distractions. So today’s Thursday Thought saying and picture solved my sleep problem and sent me off to dreamland with a smile.

Can We Forgive?

It’s amazing: some families of murdered people learn to forgive the killer, refusing to let hatred breed more hatred.  Their response to cold tragedy reminds us that forgiveness is the only way to reach the elusive “closure” that everybody talks about.  Execution and life-imprisonment punish but are forms of vengeance.  Anyone who has ever kept a grudge knows that “getting even” doesn’t make us feel a lot better. In fact, it empowers the person receiving our retribution, because of the time and energy we waste on thinking about them and because now we, too, have done something negative.  Besides, their terrible act and our reaction will haunt us all forever as we recall how he they their comeuppance and how we “got even.”  It’s a far cry from closure, which, by definition, brings an end, a conclusion to a situation.  It’s even farther from what people expect closure to bring them, which is peace. Forgiveness closes off the gut-churning blame process and doesn’t involve a soul-shattering battle of negatives.  Most importantly, it brings peace.  Forgiveness–what a concept.

This Could Be Me, You, or Someone We Love

(This isn’t me. Or you. But it could be in the future. Or someone we love. These could very well be the thoughts and feelings of someone you know or in your neighborhood. It’s a silent plea that, while we can, we should respond to. Think about this imaginary woman.)

I feel so guilty.  I’ve always swept up my garden debris within an hour after the trash truck has come by, and I’ve taken such pride in keeping my sidewalk clear of all the stuff that blows in from all over.  Now, though, my husband’s in the hospital and my arthritis is too bad to let me drive to go see him, let alone keep up the house, inside or out.  We don’t have any family close by who can help.  We’ve lived here forty years. People know how neat and clean we are. You’d think a neighbor would notice the mess and come by to check on us.  I’m so alone, but I can’t call and impose on them.  I’d be a burden.  That would make me feel worse.  But if somebody just noticed, if they’d just call or drop by—I wouldn’t mind.  Sure, it would be nice if they’d offer to drive me to see my husband or maybe sweep up out front—but even a little company would help a lot.  I’m just so very lonely and overwhelmed.  If only somebody would notice. . . .

The Truth About On-Hold Calls

I thought I’d start the week with a cartoon that’s sort of funny but definitely how we feel while waiting for that horrible “hold” music when we call a company.

What happens when you call a company and are “invited” to wait on-hold because your call is important to them? This cartoon tells the real story about their intentions.

Safer Cleaning Products

Use the most earth-friendly cleaning products available.   The Environmental Working Group has rated major brands and products according to how environmentally safe they are and given them grades. Before you buy any products, find out which ones have earned an A or B and use those. Go to, then use only those earning an A or B rating.   


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A New Holiday, Too Long Coming

Tomorrow (June 19, 2021) will be the first official Federal Juneteenth. Some states have established it as such, but never, until now, our Federal Government. It’s a holiday that has been celebrated by a large portion of Americans for years but was made official by Congress just in time to recognize it this year, 2021.  It has existed among African-Americans since 1865 and reflects the Emancipation Proclamation, which Lincoln had signed two years before but which didn’t reach throughout the country until African-Americans learned about it in Texas in 1865.  It has also been referred to as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, Liberation Day, and Emancipation Day, which sums up its significance.  It’s a time for Americans with roots in Africa to be joyful about not only their freedom but also their culture and achievements.  It’s a time, too, for the rest of us to celebrate the end of a disgraceful, dehumanizing period in our nation’s history and to vow to work harder toward eliminating the social, economic, and political vestiges of that period that still exist as a shadow over our country today.

Wisdom of Snoopy

I, like many people, are drawn to the wisdom of Snoopy. In today’s Thursday Thought quote, Snoopy reminds us of what a truly good day is and how we can achieve it. (Thank you, Charles Schultz.)