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Goodbye First Amendment

Can someone please explain to me–WHY?

Isn’t it bad enough that, for a long while, we’ve been seeing hate crimes against people because they are or are perceived as Muslim?  That they’re being killed, attacked, and their places of worship desiccate?

NOW it’s Jewish people.  In the first two months of this year–two months!– there have been 90 hate crimes in 30 states against Jews, their centers, their schools, and their cemeteries.  30 is over half our total number of states.  What does that say about us as Americans?

According to Pew Research, “There are about 4.2 million American adults who say they are Jewish by religion, representing 1.8% of the U.S. adult population. But there are roughly 5.3 million Jews (2.2% of the adult population) if the total also includes ‘Jews of no religion,’” plus  2.4 million adults who claim a “Jewish background” (raised Jewish but have converted to another religion or no longer “feel” Jewish).  Plus another 1.2 million who weren’t raised Jewish but feel they are, in some way, Jewish.

Over 13 million.  That’s a lot of fellow Americans.  That’s a lot of fellow human beings.  Why do we  allow it to happen?  Why do we turn a blind eye toward our countrymen whose only “crime” is being associated with a religion?  When something is as widely accepted and practiced as this is not stopped, it may not be a law but it has the force of law.

Goodbye, First Amendment.

How to Spot Fake News

I stumbled on this article at a time when I was gritting my teeth over a “news” story that had been emailed to me by a friend, who got it from her friend, and so on and so on.  My friend is an intelligent person, but sometimes she blindly accepts as factual what she receives from a friend she trusts.   (I used to do that, too.)

This article from FactCheck.Org, How to Spot Fake News, offers a list of things we can do to be sure that what we’re reading or hearing is true.  I’ll list them here, and you can go to the article to read detailed explanations of each.

  • Consider the source.
  • Read beyond the headline.
  • Check the author.
  • What’s the support?
  • Check the date.
  • Is this some kind of joke?
  • Check your biases.
  • Consult the experts.

I know it seems  like a lot of work.  But it’s worth it if we can nip rumor and misinformation in the bud so that we can know, and act on, the truth.


Talk and Action

Today’s Thursday Thought is a Biblical one that struck me because of how much inhumane action is going on in our world today in the name of doing what’s best for people.



Movie Review: Don’t Jump

Actually, I haven’t seen Angel of Nanjing yet.  But I want to.  This ordinary, flawed man has dedicated his life to stopping people from committing suicide by jumping from China’s “suicide bridge.”  His reward is often being attacked verbally and physically; yet, he persists.  Why?  Because, he says, “When my life got better, I wanted to help the others find hope.”  Not a bad attitude, I’d say.



It Makes Me Cringe Bigly

I have to say it.  I’ve held off, tried to be open-minded and tolerant.  But now that others are picking it up from President Trump, I can’t hold off any longer.  Here it is:


“Bigly” makes me cringe.

Please, please, dear readers–do NOT perpetuate that abomination of a non-word.  For my sake.  For the sake of the English-speaking world!




Gratitude to a President for a Long Weekend

Thanks for the day off, President Washington.  Presidents Day began in honor of him (remember “Washington’s Birthday”) then expanded to honor Lincoln, meaning we got two days off.  Now it’s compressed into one  so we  can honor ALL Presidents–better for employers who had to give people two days off, but maybe less good for merchants who had both Washington and Lincoln day sales.  Anyway, in the 1860s Congress, through the Uniform Monday Holiday Act,  shifted several holidays around so they fell on Mondays.  Why?  Because, they figured, having long weekends would decrease people being “sick” in order to expand their mid-week (or whatever) holiday, and people  would like some three-day weekends.

I hope you’re celebrating our Presidents and what they did to help our  country.  And my cousin, who owns a western-wear shop, hopes you’re out taking advantage of the sales.

They’re Only Animals, so Let ‘Em Suffer

Let animals suffer…it’s good entertainment.  That’s what CNN seems to be saying with their Anthony Bourdain “Parts Unknown” TV show.  Tear out and eat a beating heart–it’s only a snake.  Slurp down the blood of the goat after you’ve wrestled with it and slit its throat.  Pretty entertaining, right?

Read more about this at this Change.Org site.  While you’re there, sign their petition telling CNN that cruelty to animals is NOT entertainment!


A Child Tells it Like it Is–or Should Be

This little girl speaks from her heart as she gives advice to  her mom.  Nobody put the words in her mouth.  She’s so young…and so wise. 

(Thanks to Samantha Chen for sending me this video.)

Within Us/About Us

You should read this Thursday Thought quote several times.  It’s really meaty, and its full meaning doesn’t come through on a single reading.  You can read it from a religious standpoint or simply from the view of a person’s purpose in life.

“Unless there is within us that which is above us, we shall soon yield to that which is about us.” –Peter Taylor (AKA P.T.) Forsyth

A Tale of Two Socks

Okay, so this is a tad silly.  But, as my regular readers know, I sometimes get in a silly mood–which I then pass on to my readers.  Besides, I just finished a load of laundry and…well, you know what always happens.