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2020 in History

I think this cartoon expresses the frustration and angst most of us are feeling about now.

Inflicting Pain on Family Pets and Other Animals on Purpose

They’re just dumb animals…maybe.  But should they suffer needlessly?  Some researchers have abandoned what they deem cruel product-testing on animals, saying its results are questionable (human and animal allergic reactions differ) and can be obtained in other ways (e.g., artificial skin in a test tube). The USDA tries to ensure proper food and shelter for these animals but can do nothing about the infliction of pain or relieving it.  Laws are being passed to stop the sale of family pets (ever wonder where they go when they’re stolen?) for clinical trials and to prohibit animal testing when other methods are available.  Meanwhile, companies use animals, for example, to see what eye and skin damage a product can cause. Go to,  to learn more.

Look for a “Cruelty Free” label on packaging. If you don’t see it, show your disapproval by boycotting products from that company  and let them you’re doing so and why. Tell offending companies that we won’t tolerate needless violence against animals.

Go to,  to learn more.

Let Me Dream

Starting in November, no matter who we vote in as President, I fervently hope the spirit of Martin Luther King., Jr. rests upon his shoulders and infuses his decisions with the fire to fight violence and its major cause, injustice, in our nation.  I dream that this spirit spreads from our leader to our lawmakers, who will then regain the respect of their constituents, who will, in turn, reject violence in all its dehumanizing forms and embrace justice for all of our citizens.  From there, they will demand justice for all other citizens of the world and pursue it in peaceful, yet effective ways.

This is a huge dream, even a foolishly optimistic one.  But, just imagine–if everyone shared my dream and worked to make it reality, what would our new world look like?

Let me dream.

Maya on Hate

Today’s Thursday Thought quote comes from Maya Angelou, who experienced hate and wrote powerful poetry about it.

“I-Podify” — Really?

Who’d think that a hand-held device could become a verb?  Yes, the iPod has begun to show action.  I heard perfectly intelligent people on the TV show Press Here discuss companies that are starting to iPodify!  Now, I’m all for language growth–it enriches us all. But I prefer borrowings from other languages, like the French chic, Irish hooligan, Italian fresco, Yiddish klutz, and, of course, the Spanish taco.  I’m not sure I like that gizmo I can’t escape from wheedling its way into my language, forcing me to listen to people iPodify, watch neighbors iPodify, seeing my dog step into something after someone carelessly iPodifies…my Heavens! being forced at gunpoint to iPodfy  or perish…and I don’t even know how!  No, I’m not ready for this.

Do NOT Miss this Important Date

An important date is coming up soon. For many of us during this pandemic, the only safe way to vote is by mail. And voting is not just a right or privilege; it’s a necessity if our democracy is to work.

It’s not too early to request a vote-by-mail ballot. Here’s a chart of deadlines for the states so you can submit your request for an absentee/mail-in ballot in plenty of time. Put it on your calendar. Better yet, send in your request today.

Don’t Let Mosquitoes Bug Your BBQ

Were you “bugged” at your BBQ last weekend?  Next time, solve the problem NOT by spraying toxic chemicals but by using your BBQ to chase mosquitoes away from your family picnic.  Just toss some rosemary or sage onto the coals.

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A Plea to My Readers on the Road

PLEASE BE CAREFUL!  A recent tragedy brought home how a couple of non-actions can cause heartbreaking outcomes.  Family of a close friend of mine was driving home from a visit to their dying father in Denver.  An 18-year-old rammed his SUV into the back of their van, causing both vehicles to spin and flip.  My friend’s 3 uncles, an aunt, and a cousin were killed.  The tragedy deepens: my friend’s father had lost one of his brothers a year ago, and now his remaining 3 are gone.  Further tragedy: my friend’s grandfather, under all the stress, had a stroke.

What are the non-actions involved?  One was a common one.  The people killed were stretched out in the van at 3 AM while another person drove, and they, like many of us, stretched out to get more comfortable, then did not re-buckle their seat belts.  The two in the van who kept their seat belts on survived.

The other non-action was on the part of the teen driver who hit them.  He had been drinking and was drunk, and he did NOT give the keys to someone else to drive.  Thus the disastrous accident that will forever touch so many lives.

So, please be careful out there.  Use common sense.  Think of yourself, others on the road, and all those whose lives are a large part of theirs.

What a Bright Idea!

Today’s Thursday Thought quote, by Yogi Bhajan, just gave me a good feeling. If we all did this, what a wonderful world we’d live in.

A Pardon I Can Live With

I haven’t agreed with all the pardons President Trump has either granted or contemplated, but I do with this one…Susan B. Anthony, leader of the Women’s Suffrage Movement. That woman dared to vote in 1872, when it was illegal for women to vote. And she got caught.

I’m a bit surprised that Pres. Trump pardoned her, with his fierce stand and warnings against voter fraud (which this was), but who am I, a simple American citizen, to question his decisions?

Details at Trump to pardon women’s suffrage leader Susan B. Anthony.