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Beauty and Hope

Today on my Sensible Saturday post, nothing heavy, no suggestions for action to help the Earth. Today, in the second week of Spring, the day before Easter, and the last day of Passover, I just want you to enjoy this picture and immerse yourself in the beauty, new life, and promises of Spring.

Wisdom from the Chinese

A familiar old Chinese man gives us today’s Thursday Thought quote.  As always, he gets us down to basics.

Borrow a Person

I saw this on Facebook and just had to pass it on. Great idea.

Defend Yourself, Woman!

Here’s a video you might find useful.  It shows and explains seven ways a woman can defend herself when attacked.  View the video at  It’s worth seeing a couple of times..,just in case.

The Bad Side of Airbnb

We’re in the midst of a housing shortage and high rents, with an increasing number of homes moving off long-term rental into Airbnb. I have 5 of these short-term rentals on my court alone. (Two 2-story houses converted to 2 rentals each, plus an ADU.) Watch this video, “How Airbnb Created a Housing Crisis.”

Taking Revenge

It’s human nature–BAD human nature–to want to get erven. Today’s Thursday Thought quote gives us the perfect way to do so.

Incarcerated Women

On 3/28/24 at 10 AM, the National Religious Campaign Against Torture is offering a webinar about what happens to women once they leave prison and try to return to life outside. It promises to give important insight into how prison creates many challenges that the system overlooks outside. Sign up at Incarcerated Women

We’re All Poisoned

I’m tired and insulted by hearing again and again that I’m “not human” and a “criminal” and that I gave birth to a son who is the same. I’m not an immigrant but have grandparents who were and who, therefore, have “poisoned our country.” Obviously that poisoned blood flows through my veins and my son’s, as well. The speaker of those words refers to those terrible people as “migrants,” not limiting them to “illegals.” Which is odd, since he and his kids also carry the bad blood of his migrant family. He insults ALL Americans, and I’m sick of it!

Put a Balloon in your Chimney

When you aren’t using your fireplace, keep warm air inside your home by installing an inflatable chimney balloon. It works even better than just closing the damper. 

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2nd President’s Wife Reminds Husband John

Abigail, to her husband Pres John Adams, adds to this month’s Women’s History Month, with today’s Thursday Thought quote:

“Remember the Ladies, and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors [were].  Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of the Husbands.”