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A Very Scary Halloween

On Halloween, save your money on haunted houses, scary pumpkin patches, horror films, and the like. If you want to be scared…really, really scared…just go shopping and look at the prices.

Dark halloween house with moon in vector

Am I Promoting Hate?

Tired of living in a world filled with hate, division, animosity, intolerance, lies, deception, and other things that pull us apart in the name of promoting a cause or idea? I am. So I’ve decided on something. Before I pass on what might be only an accusation, hurtful statement, or opinion that may be harmful to someone or his family or group, I’ll ask myself if, by doing so, am I encouraging others to hate?

Will you do the same?

Mosquitos & Making a Difference

Today’s Thursday Thought quote is cute and thought-provoking at the same time.

Chocolate & Child Slaves

You may be buying chocolate for Halloween (if we can’t give it out, we can eat it ourselves!). First, though, consider the rampant child labor used in the cacoa industry. Companies–including Nestlé, Hershey, and Mars–have promised for 20 years to get rid of it, but it’s getting even worse. We’re talking 1.6 million kids, many younger than age 12, and they don’t work under good conditions. Cheap labor while the companies rack up $1.3 billion a year. Read about this in the Washington Post article U.S. report: Much of the world’s chocolate supply relies on more than 1 million child workers.

No, those of us addicted to chocolate don’t have to give it up. Look for “Fair Trade” on the label (NOT “Free Trade”–that’s different) or a label statement explaining how they are slave-labor-free. Buy from an ethical company. (You can find a list at

Enjoy your chocolate, and help free children from slavery.

Complain, But Do It Right

I saw on the consumer segment on TV news an invite to go to their website to learn how to write an effective complaint letter. It was so-so advice. Mr. Google led me to a better site–the Federal Trade Commission. They have great, specific advice on how to be heard when a company has done you wrong.

You should read their How to write an effective complaint letter for yourself to get a clear, detailed explanation. But here are the general steps they advise:

  1. Be clear and concise.
  1. State exactly what you want done.
  2. Don’t write an angry, sarcastic, or threatening letter.
  3. Include copies of relevant documents.
  4. Include your name and contact information. 
  5. Include your name and contact information. 

So, when something goes wrong with a business, contractor, or such, make yourself heard by writing them about your complaint. Just do it in such a way that they understand and are encouraged to make things right for you.

Arm All Households!

Boston should have been better armed, says the NRA. All households should have had guns to protect themselves from the escaping bombers.  They would have been safer and not as fearful or nervous.

I agree, but only with a few provisions during an actual incident: 1) The family’s designated shooter (Guardian) must have completed formal training in handling and shooting the specific gun he’s armed with.  2) The Guardian must have taken courses (e.g., meditation) to learn to calm himself in extremely stressful situations and focus his attention and vigilance on his Guardianship role.  3) The gun must be registered so that if it is wrested from him in a scuffle with the perpetrators it can be returned to him when it’s recovered. 4) The family must all be home and stay in a designated safe-room so that they don’t startle the focused Guardian, possibly causing him to shoot a loved one. They must stay there, no matter how many hours or days it takes, until the perpetrator is captured and announced by the authorities as in police custody. 5) All doors and windows must remain locked until capture is announced.  6) No pets will be allowed outside to relieve themselves, as noise that they make may cause a neighbor-Guardian to panic and waste bullets on the family dog.  7) The police must notify the homeowner in advance of storming his home or property so that a shoot-out between them and the Guardian doesn’t accidentally occur.

With these seven simple provisions, a community can be ready for any threat it may face. Its people can relax in the safety of their own homes, as is the American way.

A Sunny Advantage

Take advantage of the sun by installing skylights. Consider daylighting tubes, too, which let the sun’s light go through the attic down into a room.

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The Mask as Trendy

Our First Lady is showing how mask-wearing can be fashionable and trendy. A black mask with a black dress, then a mask the same print as the dress she was wearing. If we have to wear a mask–as we all should–why not have it match the same way our shoes and purse do?

Yes, people wear masks with slogans or to make their face look like an animal or whatever. But maybe it’s time to simply consider a mask as a fashion accessory.

Cute Animals: Scientific Study

I read an interesting article I wanted to pass on to you. If you don’t like animals, take a pass on this one. The rest of us, well, it just proves what we’ve always known. Science shows watching cute animals is good for your health

You knew watching videos of puppies and kittens felt good but now there’s data to back that feeling.

A study conducted by the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, in partnership with Western Australia Tourism, has found evidence to suggest that watching cute animals may contribute to a reduction in stress and anxiety.

The study examined how watching images and videos of cute animals for 30 minutes affects blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety.

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How I’m Destroying My Sanity

When I see an accusation against a candidate or group, I want to know if it’s true or not. So I research it, using a variety of sources from various opinion-directions. Right now, accusations–some could be true, others outlandish–are running rampant in social media, the news, and person-to-person. That’s why this cartoon grabbed my attention.