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Hope Amid Horror

Anne Frank lived–and hid–in an unbelievably harsh, cruel world.  Yet even she had hope for the world, as today’s Thursday Thought quote shows.



Here’s a one-minute video that clarifies the difference between depression and sadness.  It’s good information for bad times we go through  ourselves–and for understanding friends and relatives.


That Law is STILL On the Books?

For a change, let’s not shake our heads at what laws our legislatures are enacting right now.  Instead, let’s look at some brilliant ones that have already been enacted in our fine country.  Here are the places and what is illegal there.

Columbus, OH  — selling cornflakes

Chico, CA — exploding a nuclear bomb ($500 fine)

Wyoming — taking a picture of a rabbit in June

Arizona –being an illegal drug leader without registering first

Minnesota — mixing male and female washing together on a clothesline

Maryland — mistreating oysters

Alabama — driving a car while blindfolded

New York — shooting rabbits from a moving  trolley

Cheyenne WY — taking a shower on Wednesday

California — peel an onion in a hotel room

New Jersey — frowing at a police officer

North Carolina — sing out of tune or use an elephant to plough cotton fields

Florida — sing while wearing a bathing suit

Maine — bite your landlord

Key West FL — race turtles

And, finally, Wisconsin — serve pie without cheese (but this one makes sense)





You Gotta Watch this Show!

Why didn’t someone tell me about this program?  It’s well into its  second season and I’ve just started watching it.  I’m glad I have On Demand to look back at old episodes.

I’m talking about “United Shades of America.”  The host, W. Kamau Bell, travels  all over to look at how various issues affect real people.  It’s not a dry documentary, thanks to the host’s humor (he’s a comic) and his conversations with people he agrees with, disagrees with, and others in between.  A person who isn’t keen on guns, he bought one and talked to people about why they’re important.  He visited a KKK meeting and talked to Klansmen as they burned a cross (note: Bell is Black). He went to a hard-core prison and mixed with the inmates.

I enjoy the show because he, like me, takes a slightly sideways look at life and situations, delving into the oddities and people experiencing  them–all in a straightforward, human way.

The show is on CNN on Sundays at 7 P.M. in my area.  Look it up  and give it a try.





Another Reason to Stay Away from Cigarettes

Consider the impact of cigarettes.  First, because tobacco leaves are cured using wood, it takes a whole tree to produce 300 cigarettes. Second, all the smoke and gasses coming from them add to global warming.  And, third, filters are NOT biodegradable.

Leaf 6

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Sisters in Widowhood

I was prepared to feel sorry for myself.  This is my first U.N. International Widows’ Day.  I lost my husband last November.

Then I started enjoying the good memories of a 35+ year marriage.  And I realized how much luckier I am than many widows in the world.  I live in a free country, in safety, with enough resources to sustain me and then some, and a family–small, but here for me.

And I look at other parts of the world, where widows suffer immensely.  Their land taken from them.  Family members evicting them from the homes or even killing them. Shamed because their husbands are dead. Having to take their children out of school to work to support the family.

The U.N. is trying to solve these problems, but it will take a long time.

I’m deeply saddened by the plight of my sisters in widowhood.  I greatly miss my husband, but I am so grateful for my own life and for the fact that the U.N. is working toward better lives for my international sisters.


Handling the Darkside

In today’s Thursday Thought quote, MLK  calls us to the bright side.


Do You Get Dirty Enough for This?

The Japanese think of everything.  Like this automatic public shower.  I’m not sure I’d try it.  I don’t think I ever get dirty enough.  Besides, if I do, I can ride through a car-wash in a convertible.


What to do with Banned Books

A Greek-style temple made out of banned books hopes to stir debate about censorship at the site of Nazi book burning in central Germany.

It looks like the monumental temple standing imposingly at the Acropolis in Athens. But this replica in central Germany is not built with marble, but books that have been or remain banned.

“The Parthenon of Books” is the main showpiece at this year’s Documenta – the cult contemporary art show held once every five years in the university town of Kassel.

The work by Argentine artist Marta Minujin is a plea against all forms of censorship.



Add Boxes

Beautify your patio or deck with planter boxes.  Grow your own organic veggies, or flowers to cut and bring in to perk up the house.  This is an easy, fun way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Leaf 6

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