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Why Do Teachers Strike? Don’t They Care?

They’re out there with signs in the street rather than in their classrooms. Some people drive by and honk in support; others shout insults about overpaid/under-worked people always demanding more money.

Why is it that teachers strike? According to Rebecca Tarlau, who did extensive research on the subject, there are three main reasons that teachers take this action (and I quote her here):

First is the acceleration of market-based education reforms, including the expansion of charter schools.

Second is networks of teacher activists organizing and transforming their unions to focus on broader social issues.

Third is the framing of teacher union action as part of the struggle for racial justice.

All of these factors come back to one thing–the good of their students and offering them the best education possible.

Read about these factors and what else she discovered at What’s Behind the Teacher Strikes?

Where Were the Adults?

The following scene, told from the point of view of a young girl, actually took place in a neighborhood supermarket pharmacy.  No one helped the girls.  Their father, worried that they were gone so long, went to the store to check on them.  He is the one who finally confronted store management.  He is the one who called police.  Why him? Why not someone else much sooner?)

I’M SO SCARED.  I heard that guy tell the pharmacist he’s 19.  Guess I look older than 12, ‘cuz he smiled at me.  At first I thought he was kinda cute.  But I don’t know him, so he shouldn’t have rubbed my back.   He’s touching me some more now and is saying bad things to me.  I yelled, “Stop it!  Leave me alone!”   Now my 6-year-old sister is crying.  I’m yelling louder.  People are all around me, but nobody’s doing anything.  Why won’t they help?  There are lots of people, lot of adults. Won’t they do something?  They’re just standing there.  I feel so alone.

How to Offer Respect this Memorial Day

Remember. Respect. Work toward the world they fought and died for.

Life-Saving Meds: A Great Idea

Many people depend on insulin just to stay alive. Pharmaceutical companies know that–and take advantage of it. They have raised their prices for this relatively inexpensive drug by 1000% over the last 20 years, leading people to cut down on their doses in order to afford it or to share with a loved one, thus endangering their health and lives. But they have no other choice.

Remember that this is a drug whose discoverers, back in 1922, sold the patent for a single dollar to the University of Toronto with the assurance that it would be available for all who needed it

Now Colorado has stepped in. They just passed a bill that no one can be charged more than $100 (yes, one hundred) a month out-of-pocket for their month’s supply of insulin. In addition, the bill requires an investigation into the pricing of that drug and a report given to the governor by 2020.

The 400,000 Colorado citizens will have to wait until Jan. 1, 2020, for the law to go into full effect, but at least they have hope.

Seems to me that this would be a good law for all the other states to enact.

Turtle Day? Really?!

Believe it or not, today is World Turtle Day. In honor of turtles everywhere, today’s Thursday Thought comes from “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” It’s good for all of us who sometimes have a hard shell…

Splinter: You will listen now. My Master Yoshi’s first rule was ‘Possess the right thinking’, only then can one receive the gifts of strength, knowledge, and peace. I have tried to channel your anger, Raphael, but more remains. Anger clouds the mind. Turned inward it is an unconquerable enemy. 

Give Me a Utility Company!

I decided I’d like to own a utility company. I’ve started, owned, and operated other businesses. But now I realize that public utility companies have a huge financial advantage I never had in my other businesses (or any others that I’m aware of). That is, they can be fined by the government, make repairs that have to be done to keep the business going, and make improvements to make the business more profitable–and make consumers pay for it all! It doesn’t matter that other (especially small) businesses have to pay for all this themselves or that many consumers have trouble paying higher rates for something that’s a necessity of life, often having to give up some other necessity of life.

Yes, I want to own a utility company. To Hell with my soul!

Necessity of Adjusting Signs…or Laws

Actually, it may come to this. I know how tired I am of people on their phones walking right into me in my handicap scooter–then getting mad at me for hitting them. Even more important, over 6000 pedestrians were killed in traffic last year i n the U.S. while on their mobile devices. That’s why New York and others are considering a ban on walking while on devices.

Today’s Salaries for College Grads

Do you have someone in their early 20s graduating or recently graduated from college? Do you wonder how much that diploma will pay off in the job market? I do, which is why I found this chart interesting.

Replace Your Cooler

It’s getting on beach/picnic/sightseeing time. You look at your old cooler and see crud, cracks, or breaks. But it’s essential to your outing–HAVE to take along cold drinks and snacks that need to be kept cool. So you have to replace it.

I don’t recommend products too often, but this one is fantastic. It isn’t made of Styrofoam, which never breaks down, or plastic, which takes forever to disintegrate. It’s biodegradable, yet strong enough to hold 75 pounds, keep water without leaking for 5 days and ice for 12 hours, has cup holders built into the top, and is lightweight. And it is not expensive–try $9.99 for a 16-quart cooler.

It will meet your needs and is a good step toward eliminating Earth-harming Styrofoam and cutting down on plastic. It’s called Recool, and it’s made by Igloo.

Honoring Our Military

Tomorrow is Armed Forces Day. President Harry S. Truman ushered in this day in which we recognize and honor the military women and men who have, do, and will protect our country and way of life. The observance became official on Aug. 31, 1949, replacing days honoring the different branches of the service now that they were all combined under the Dept. of Defense.

Let’s stop and think what these people and their families give up for us and express our gratitude in some small way. “Thank you for your service” has become an automatic response, often with little or no feeling behind it. Say or do something different. Buy a current or ex military person a cup of coffee, visit their family and help with household repairs, or take care of their kids while the parents have a “date night.” I’m sure you’ll think of something that will let them know how much you appreciate them.