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Know Your Headgear

A 68-year-old Sikh man was purposely hit by a truck then beaten by two men.  A physician and assistant professor of international affairs at Columbia University was beaten by at least a dozen teens and young men.   Each year since 9/11, violence against peace-loving Sikhs has increased.

And the reason may very well boil down to beards and headgear, which are part of a devout Sikh man’s appearance.

Many people see the turban on a Sikh man and think he’s Muslim, then jump to the conclusion that all Muslims are responsible for 9/11 and the current terrorism.  It’s a double error.

To dispel at least part of this egregious situation, I invite you to learn about the different headgear worn by Sikhs, Muslim religious elders, Afghan Muslims, Iranian Mullahs, Arab Muslim Kaffiyeh, and dessert people and Muslim terrorists.

Take a look.  Then spread the word.



Hotel du Pont Worse than the Grinch!

Matt Senge,a man in Wilmington, Delaware, wanted to give a special Christmas gift.  He booked rooms for two men, a woman, and her three kids at the Hotel du Pont.  Then he wrapped the room confirmation in red ribbon and delivered it to the people at their home, under the Amtrack bridge.  He wanted these homeless people to have a warm, safe Christmas night.

Enter the Hotel worse-than-Grinch.  Management cancelled the ,duPontereservation three hours before check-in when they realized the people were homeless.  They were worried that these people would rob and rape other guests!

On the bright side, the Christiana Hilton heard about it and offered ten rooms to the homeless, plus dinner, breakfast, and a hospitality room where they could relax rather than just having to stay in their rooms..

It’s reassuring to know that not everyone in the hospitality industry has closed minds and hearts.

Read more here.


Resolution for 2016

New Year’s Resolution:  This year I will buy products that will last and rent items I’ll use only once or twice, and I will take pride in the resulting extra space in my home and at the landfill.

Leaf 6

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A Wish for You

My wish for you and your family during this Christmas season and throughout the coming year.



Harnessing the Sun, Morocco Style

I’d like to see us cut our electric bill the way Morocco plans to do it.  Taking advantage of the 3,000 hours of sun they get each year, they’re building a set of four linked solar plants the size of 35 soccer fields.  Along with hydro and wind, the complex will serve the electric needs of half the country’s population.  Phase 1, opening this month, will bring power to 1.1 million people.  Read more about this exciting venture at the site.





“Meet Uncle Bob”

A 3+ minute video for your consideration, to prepare you for family gatherings this holiday season:


This Rule Should be Broken

[Sometimes, keeping the rules exactly as written is absurd and even harmful.  Following is a story from about just such a case.  They have a petition going asking for a reversal of the decision.  If you’d like to sign it, click on]


On October 22nd, 2015,17-year-old Zachary Hougland sprinted across the finish line and into the record books as Davis County High School’s first cross country district champion. He was thrilled. But when he turned and saw another runner from an opposing team looking pale and pained, clutching his chest, he quickly stopped celebrating.

With nobody helping the runner,  Zach did what he felt any true athlete should do — he ran back to him and helped him to the finish line. And because of this, the Iowa High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) has stripped him of his win.

The IHSAA claims it was only following the national rule that states you can’t assist another runner. But that rule exists to prevent competitors from cheating, which Zach was certainly not doing in this case. When a rule is used to punish an act of human decency, you undermine the very sportsmanship you are trying to protect.

If Zach’s win is not restored, he will miss out on his last chance to fulfill his longtime dream of competing individually in the state championship. Yet, despite the disappointment and frustration this setback has caused, he says he wouldn’t take back his actions. The Iowa High School Athletic Association may have taken away Zach’s victory, but it’s clear they haven’t diminished his courage.


Money, Marriage, and Family

Today’s Thursday Thought considers family, marriage, and the annual cost of social programs:

“ACF spends $46 billion per year operating 65 different social programs. If one goes down the list of these programs… the need for each is either created or exacerbated by the breakup of families and marriages.”  —  Wade Horn, Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children and Families (ACF/HHS)
Maybe we need to work harder on protecting our families and marriages….



What are Your Chances of Being Hired?

We’ve come a long way in banishing discrimination in hiring.  Or have we?  This video presents an interesting–and disturbing–picture.

Best News in a Long Time

This news gave me hope: Saudi Arabia and 33 others have formed an “Islamic military alliance” to fight terrorism.  Finally, governments that are in the middle of the horror over there, have the power to do something about it, and have a stake–both physically and religiously–are showing strength and determination.

My hope is that they can be a force to wipe out ISIS and other terrorist groups and move the minds and hearts of the people against those who pervert Islam and who convert others to do the same.