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Cure for Frosted Windshield

Don’t waste plastic or paper trying to keep frost from your windshield.  Instead, be more earth-friendly by coating it the night before with a mixture of 3 parts white vinegar and 1 part water.  Wake up to a clean, frost-free car window.

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Pardon Me! (Gobble, Gobble)

President Nixon invented the pardon–at least for Thanksgiving turkeys.  In the midst of controversy about pardoning people involved in the Iran-Contra scandal, he joked about granting a pardon for that year’s turkey that was slated to be sent to the petting zoo instead of the dinner table.  And the term “pardon” stuck.

The whole tradition has an interesting history.  Read about it at “Why Presidents Pardon Turkeys–a History.”  As you gobble up the historical facts, remember this: they don’t have any calories, as opposed to the 4000 or so you may have consumed yesterday.


Thanksgiving Message

This Thanksgiving I give thanks for a world that is isn’t here yet but can be if we work for it together.  It’s a world where all human life is respected  and we give unselfish love to others, thus protecting our families and communities. Everyone’s basic human needs are met, and we strive for the common good.  Our business, governmental, and personal policies help people improve their own lives.  The nobility of work is recognized, and all people have decent work and fair wages and own private property.  We believe we are our brother’s keepers, because we are a human family sharing a world.  And we show our respect for God by being good stewards of all His creation.  I’m thankful for this view of the world, and for all those whose commitment will make this view a reality.

Happy Thanksgiving.  See you here on Friday.



The Rule to Follow

What do Little Caesar’s Pizza, Auto Zone, Public Storage, Smart and Final, Starbuck’s, and a local meat market have in common?  All are owned and run by individuals and families, not huge corporations.  None of those owners served on the Darren Wilson grand jury or ever met Michael Brown.  None of them has any power to direct legal events or change laws on their own.  Yet they’ve been attacked, the targets of protesters who carry signs such as the one reading IMAGINE JUSTICE.  Their livelihoods, just as the shopping season most important to the welfare of their families, have been taken away by fire, looting, and vandalism.

Granted, some of the protesters are peaceful and respecting of other people’s lives and property.  It’s the ones who set fires, shoot off guns that cause air traffic to be diverted, set fire to buildings and cars, and loot–they are the problem.  It’s the ones who came not to protest a cause but to cause trouble who are the problem.  (If those defacing property with graffiti were simply caught up in the moment, how is it that they thought to bring spray paint with them?)

Michael’s grieving mom is right when she asks for activities that will “make a positive change.”  That’s not what’s happening in Ferguson, Oakland, New York, Denver, St. Louis, Los Angeles, and elsewhere in our peace-loving country.  We need to stop the violence and put all that energy into changing people’s racial attitudes, promoting laws and  policies that are fair and humane to all, and, quite frankly, learning to abide by a dictate that appears in all major religious books.  We call it the “Golden Rule.”




Monday Morning Wake-Up

This dog-gone funny video shows how some people wake up in the mornings.  (If you’re not a dog-lover, don’t bother watching this video.)

 Thanks to Linda Younts for this one. 



Bag It!

This time of year we tend to eat out more–a quick bite in the midst of shopping or leisurely dinner after a tiring day.  Carry a couple of baggies in your purse for use as doggie/people bags so you avoid using a restaurant’s single-use plastic or Styrofoam containers.  The bags can be washed out, turned inside out until thoroughly dried, and returned to your purse or car glove box (remember to grab them on the way in to eat).

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[For more easy, money-saving, Eco-friendly tips, download a FREE copy of Green Riches: Help the Earth & Your Budget. Go to view/7000, choose a format, and download to your computer or e-book device. Or download a free copy from your favorite e-tailer.]

Borowitz on Immigration: Tongue Firmly in Cheek

I have an admission to make: I like Andy Borowitz.  I don’t always agree with him, but his satire appeals to me.  He’s uses an equal-opportunity sword, slicing into Democrats and Republicans and anybody else when he thinks they need to be cut down to size. Today I share with you his reaction to the politics and human faces surrounding the latest immigration controversy.

Please read “Republicans Accuse Obama of Treating Immigrants Like Humans.”



Mike Nicols on the American Dream

Today’s Thursday Thought comes from the multi-talented German immigrant who passed away yesterday, Mike Nicols.  His quote offers an interesting view of what Americans hope for and dream of:

“There’s nothing in the American dream about character.  It’s a serious flaw.”



Warm and Cozy and Safe

Baby, it’s cold outside.  Yes, it’s starting to be cozy-up weather, a time when thoughts turn to….space heaters.  They’re convenient and effective, and you don’t have to warm up rooms you aren’t spending time in.

BUT, be safe.  A third of all house fires are cause by space heaters that overheat, melt, tip over, or are used improperly.  You’ve probably had that one stashed in the closet for years.  Time to replace it.  Newer ones have better safety features, like anti-tips, automatic turn-off at overheating, and protections against fabric that leans against it, catching fire.  Look on the box for the features of various brands.  (You can also see what Consumer Reports, Comparaboo, or another research company has to say about those brands.)  Buy the one that does the best job and, above all, is safest.

When you get it home, remember to plug it into it’s own dedicated socket (no rats nests of plugs piggy-backed into that poor socket) and keep it three feet away from flammable items.

One more thing–if you have friends or relatives (especially older or disabled ones), pass on this info to them.  Maybe even buy them a new heater for Christmas.

Once again, dear readers, please keep safe.  I need you!

Sad News: No More Chocolate

Get out your Kleenex, fellow chocolate-lovers.  Soon the cocoa plant–chocolate is made from its seeds–may be be no more.  Disease and pests are killing off cocoa crops, thanks in large part to monoculture, a cultivation method that makes the plants especially susceptible.

The main cause, though, according to many experts, falls in the lap of business. Although large corporations rake in the money, farmers have little incentive to grow cocoa because they make less than $1 a day doing so–not enough to support a farmer and his family.

Researchers are studying ways to save cocoa, which will take years. Right now, farmers can help by using sustainable farming methods in place of monoculture. They’re willing to do that, but it will take teamwork, with governments and us, so that farming this crop is practical.  Governments need to enact Fair Trade Agreements. Note that this isn’t “free Trade” but “FAIR Trade.” That’s a system in which more of the money goes to the actual workers and small farm owners rather than big agribusiness (people who’ve never even stepped foot on a farm).  As for us, we should buy Fair Trade chocolate for ourselves and as gifts, thus supporting the farmers who will then cultivate more cocoa for us to enjoy.

This is something to think about during this upcoming season of indulging ourselves.  Save chocolate and improve peoples’ lives: urge our legislators to make Fair Trade agreements, and buy Fair Trade chocolate.