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“Going Postal”–Stay Calm, Now

[Don’t go postal on me–I haven’t inflicted one of my phrase-origins on you in quite awhile.]

If your friend is so stressed out that he suddenly flies into a violent rage, you may accuse him of “going postal.” What does the post office have to do with it?  A lot.

In the late 1980s, there were several deadly events involving U.S. Postal Service workers.  In 1986, the first event, an Oklahoma postal worker shot 20 fellow workers, killing 14; then he shot himself.  After that, and up to 1997 there were 20 other similar events, killing 40 people, including some regular citizens.  In the middle of this, in Dec. of 1993, The St. Petersburg Times reported that some people were referring to what was happening as “going postal.”  Thus, the term was born.

By the way, long-term studies indicate that working for the Postal Service isn’t any more or less stressful than most jobs.

A “Crashingly Good” Commercial

An interesting (ingenious) way to make an important point:

Dirty Jeans Danger

How dirty are our Levi jeans?  

Levi’s estimates it adds the equivalent of 1.1 million cars worth of pollution every single year to the atmosphereAnd a lot of it is from the dirty fossil fuels (like coal)  that powers their Chinese and Indian factories. It would only be right if Levi’s took some responsibility.  After all, these countries are an important part of their supply chain. It’s in  their power to work toward use of renewable energy in their industry.  But they’re doing nothing.

Ask Levi’s to take the courageous next step to clean up its supply chain and become a climate leader.

I Remember, and I Fear

Today, with the UN, I remember 6M senseless, horrific deaths. I think about one man filled with hate and power-hunger and how, by promoting fear of differences, he convinced so many of his countrymen to buy into that hatred. I look at our world today and see similar men in power with similar malice, and I am afraid. 6M killed in The Holocaust, and we didn’t earn our lesson?

A Perspective Change

Today’s Thursday Thought quote, coming from a movie, is a change of focus on life:


A Library Question

I’ve been wondering something. With (so far) several ex-US Presidents and an ex-US Vice President discovering Top Secret/Classified documents in their possession, isn’t there a check-out, reminder, and return system in place? Maybe the government should hire a public librarian to straighten things out.

It’s an Upbeat Day

Happy National Compliment Day. I know it sounds silly, but it’s a good thing. We can always (yes, even with that &%#@*! Person) find something good, even if it’s just how they handled something or has a nice shirt on. Giving and receiving a compliment brightens both the giver and the receiver. And it helps drive away the negativity that too often surrounds us. Try it.

Are You Supporting Selling Humans?

When you get your nails done, your room cleaned on vacation, or have your table cleared at a coffee shop; or you glance at farmworkers along the highway, construction workers, nannies tending children in the park; or open a can of fruit or buy clothing—are you supporting human trafficking?  These are all industries that use people who have been abducted or are being forced to work or who were deceived about what they would be doing or how much they’d be paid.  Many work under the threat of being deported or having loved ones harmed.  These people are, in essence, slaves…and people you can help.  During this Human Trafficking awareness month, go to to learn how to recognize victims, common myths about it, and ways you can help. Then keep your eyes open so you can live your faith by helping these vulnerable people we meet in our daily lives.

Test your Food Knowledge

How does global warming affect our food supply, or does it at all?  Take a short quiz–“Food and Global Warming”–and you’ll know.

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What if I Don’t Change It?

Today’s Thursday Thought quote answers that question.

“Whatever you are not changing you are choosing.” – Unknown