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Tuesday is for Giving

A new holiday was launched in 2012 to balance out the self-absorbed madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Giving Tuesday.  That’s TODAY!  People from all over—business, charities, communities, families—are entering into the spirit of giving.  In fact, as of yesterday, the movement’s website listed over 2100 partners in this endeavor.

The beauty of this is that EVERYONE can participate.  If not with our wallets, then with our excess food in our pantries or the second Buy-one/Get-One-Free item.  Or with that like-new clothing we that loved when we bought it but know we’ll never wear.  Or with those toys our kids opened Christmases ago but sit in their boxes, un-played with.  Or blankets and rain ponchos for the homeless who are about to be caught in what promises to be a series of bad storms.  Or simply with the gift of our time: to help at a shelter or soup kitchen; to visit a lonely elder in a nursing home; to comfort a grieving family; to be with a troubled child.

Yes, I really like this idea of a Giving Tuesday and hope it grows larger and stronger every year.  It turns my sour taste of Friday and Monday into the sweet anticipation of a Christmas season packed with all the meaning it’s supposed to have.

Hanukkah–Season of Light and Miracles

To all my Jewish friends and readers: May the light of the season always shine brightly on you and your loved ones.  Happy Hanukkah !

Earth-Friendly Computers

Shopping for a computer for college in the Fall?  Look for an eco-friendly one that saves money.  Buy one of the new energy-efficient models with a fan that doesn’t run constantly.  If just a moderate number of us did this we’d cut computer energy use in half and save $5.5 billion.

[For more easy, Eco-friendly tips, download a FREE copy of Green Riches: Help the Earth & Your Budget. Go to view/7000, choose a format, and download to your computer or e-book device. Or download a free copy from your favorite e-tailer.]

Shopping Warning

Read the following, from Consumer Reports, then 1) protect yourself while shopping and 2) go to to email your to stop this blatantly unfair practice.

Ready to nab all those online Black Friday deals? Got your eye on that advertised XBox? Think you’ve got the Baby Yoda toy nailed down?

Think again. An army of software bots may have already bought them up — and they’re being resold online at huge markups.

In addition to supply chain problems and inflation, consumers this holiday season now face the scourge of ‘Grinch Bots.’ These bots keep tabs on thousands of retail web pages and immediately purchase the hottest items the second they restock. If you’ve ever put an item in your online cart, only to see it disappear by the time you checkout, you may have been GrinchBotted.

We know this legislation can make a big difference because it would give authorities the power to crack down on shopping bots. Consumer Reports backed a 2016 bill that banned bots used by ticket scalpers to snatch up the best concert and sports seats, and three ticket brokers who used bots were fined $31 million this year.

The Stopping Grinch Bots Act being introduced in Congress would make it illegal to circumvent online security and control measures retail websites use to protect real consumers, and allow the FTC and state Attorneys General to take legal action against those who deploy these bots.

But we won’t get action if we don’t push hard right now during the holiday season, when Grinch Bots are at maximum force. Tell your lawmakers you want action, now.

It’s blatantly unfair that Americans can’t buy the goods they want at a fair price because a small network of computer hackers have figured out how to beat the system. Please send a message to your lawmakers, and share this with all your friends and family so we won’t face another holiday season getting GrinchBotted!

Let’s end the Bah-Humbug!

Marcus Jones
Consumer Reports


Thanksgiving Message

This Thanksgiving I give thanks for a world that is isn’t here yet but can be if we work for it together.  It’s a world where all human life is respected  and we give unselfish love to others, thus protecting our families and communities. Everyone’s basic human needs are met, and we strive for the common good.  Our business, governmental, and personal policies help people improve their own lives.The nobility of work is recognized, and all people have decent work and fair wages and own private property.  We believe we are our brother’s keepers, because we are a human family sharing a world.And we show our respect for God by being good stewards of all His creation.  I’m thankful for this view of the world, and for all those whose commitment will make this view a reality.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Low Cell Phone…still Get Help!

I’m borrowing this idea directly from my New Jersey son’s Facebook. I never thought about it. It could save your life.

Treating Ourselves Right

What do wee have in common with trees? Just life itself.

From the Mind of John Lennon

The Beatles had some wild (for the times) music, for sure. They also had some ideas worth thinking about, as in today’s John Lennon Thursday Thought quote.

I Suggest You Click “Hide”

When I go on Facebook to see what’s happening with out-of-area friends and relatives, I have to wade through a ton of posts labeled “Suggested for You.”  I’d like to know who thinks I’m interested in classic cars or music groups I’ve never heard of or silly (or asinine) memes.

But I discovered something magic.  I now click on those three dots on the top right, across from who the post is from, and select “Hide all from [their site].”  I never have to see them again!  Of course, others pop up to replace them (Extreme Bikes?!), but I give them the same treatment.  Gives me a little satisfaction, as though I have some control over Facebook posts set before me.  Okay, so I’m a bit delusional….

Uber Overcharges People with Disabilities!

The Justice Department has filed an ADA lawsuit against Uber for charging “wait time” fees to passengers who, because of disability, take longer than two minutes to get in their Uber car. Individuals who believe they have been victims of disability discrimination by Uber because they, or someone they were traveling with, were charged wait time fees should contact the Justice Department at 833-591-0425 (toll-free), 202-305-6786, or send an email to [email protected].

For more information about the ADA, call the Department’s toll-free ADA Information Line at 800-514-0301 (TDD 800-514-0383) or access the ADA website at