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Remember them ALL

On Memorial Day, let us remember with love and appreciation ALL those who died in service to our nation. Those who were killed in battle or died of wounds.  Those who returned home but later died as a result of diseases and conditions due to the environment they served in, such as Agent Orange. Those whose lives were so traumatized that they died of suicide, not being able to handle PTSD.  Those who returned but no longer had a life to return to and so died, homeless, on the streets.

Let us say thank you to all of them, and may they rest in the peace that they attempted to provide in our world.

What do Toothbrushes & Disposable Diapers Have in Common?

Ever wonder how long it takes things like cigarette butts, plastic, toothbrushes, or soda can rings to decompose while sitting in the landfill? The chart below tells us–and gives us good reason to avoid their use whenever possible and otherwise find new, creative uses for them,

MaterialEstimated Decomposition
Cigarette butts5 years
Plastic bags20 years
Plastic-lined coffee cups30 years
Plastic straws200 years
Soda can rings400 years
Plastic bottles450 years
Toothbrushes500 years
Disposable diapers500 years
Styrofoam500 years
Fishing line600 years

Use that Social Media!

Do you Tweet?  Chat on Facebook?  Interact with friends on other social networks?  Then you have a medium for getting people interested in making this a better world.  Continue sharing tidbits of your life, but add a dimension.  Mention an informative article you read in the newspaper about how widespread hunger is in America.   Express your surprise at learning how many people in your town are without shelter each night.  Refer friends to a book you thought had an interesting approach to climate issues or a place you’ve begun volunteering at.  Sum up that conversation you had about elder abuse.  Don’t be detailed or political. Your aim is not to start an argument but to get your friends thinking.  Also, do it only once in awhile.  If people think of you as being always on a soapbox, they’ll stop reading you.  Most important, let people know that you do care about making this a more peaceful, caring world—and that you hope others do, as well.

The Heart

Today’s Thursday Thought quote is just an upbeat idea that started my day off right. It fits for my loved ones or for anyone else Fate makes cross my life’s path.

“The heart is happiest when it is beating for others.” — unknown

Good Read: Animal Activists at Odds

Here’s a thought-provoking read: WHEN THE KILLING’S DONE, by T.C. Boyle.  A person who loves animals works to save them; meanwhile, another tries to preserve habitat, therefore other animals. But they can’t have both, can they? Who’s right? This book gave this environmentalist much to think about. Available at your public library.

My Shelley

Yesterday was World Turtle Day. I didn’t acknowledge it because I don’t blog on Sundays. Besides, I felt I should spend a little extra time enjoying the manipulative antics of my red-eared slider, Shelley. When my son gave her to me and set up a big tank as her environment, I wasn’t so sure about the idea. After two years, though, I find it calming to sit beside the tank and just watch her and her goldfish companions. Here’s a picture of my Shelley:

Pamper Pets AND the Earth

It’s Sensible Saturday, the day of the week I offer a suggestion for a little way to be earth-friendly.  Today, how about including our little fuzzy family members?

When shopping for toys for pets, bypass the rubber and plastic ones, which are often not earth-friendly, and go to the ones made of recycled materials. Pets are part of 63% of American households, a large enough number that our choice of pet toys can make a difference to the Earth.

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[For more easy, money-saving, Eco-friendly tips, download a FREE copy of Green Riches: Help the Earth & Your Budget. Go to, choose a format, and download to your computer or e-book device. For a description of the book go to My Free Books).

Known and Unknown Impact

Today’s Thursday Thought quote is self-affirming. More than that, though, it reminds us of the impact we have on others, whether or not we realize it. It’s a reminder worth remembering.

Self-Driving Cars

I’m missing something. The logic escapes me. Why would I want to spend multiple thousands of dollars extra on a “self-driving” car that isn’t? I must still be in the driver’s seat, hands on the steering wheel, eyes on the road. What do I gain for all that money? Unless it’s an ego, show-off sort of thing, which I don’t need. I just don’t understand.

Stop More Debt-Collector Power


From Consumer Reports:

More than 150,000 people have signed our petition to kill a new federal rule that would allow debt collectors to harass you on social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. What’s worse, these debt collectors could be allowed to hound you on social media even if you don’t owe any money!

This proposed rule means any of us could get unlimited text messages, emails and direct messages on social media about supposed money we owe, even if we don’t owe it. The deadline to submit our petition to rescind this rule is May 19. Please add your name so we can show the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau how many consumers think this is a bad idea!

BEFORE MAY 19, go to Let’s stop abusive debt collectors! to read more and sign the petition to stop this.