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Gandhi’s Mind and Dirty Feet

Today’s Thursday Thought comes from Gandhi, who walked many miles and met many dirty feet:

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”  (Mahatma Gandhi)



New JOD Website Material

I’ve just updated my other website ( and invite you to take a look.  There’s some of my poetry (Poetry page); some suggestions for a useful product and equipment maintenance/safety, plus some disability law, and a thoughtful quote–all for the person living with a disability himself or in his family or among her friends (Adept-Able Living page).  ).  PLUS, I’ve added a NEW page for entertainment and maybe awareness, called Quiz-icals.

While you’re there, look on the Home page for a special offer for my website/blog readers for a good discount on any of my e-books, then go to the My Books page to learn how to apply the offer.

And, as always, I welcome comments!

Thanks for reading.



Americana Trivia: Chairman of the Board

Before we leave the birth-month of our nation, it’s appropriate to look at an American term we hear often, “Chairman of the Board,” and how that term was born.

Go back to the 1700s, when life and household furnishings were simple.  There you’ll usually find people eating their meal on a long, wide, low board that they folded down from the wall.  People sat around it on the floor while the Dad, who was head of household, acted as the “chair man,” sitting at the end in the only chair.  Of course, if an important person came to dinner, he (yes, usually a “he”) was given the honor of being the “chair man.”  That’s how today the High Pooba of a company is called the “chairman” or “Chairman of the Board.”  (If you doubt it, visualize the shape of the common board-room conference table and where the Chairman suits.)

Another reason why sexism in the corporate world is slow to die?



Walgreens, Say it Ain’t So!

I’ve been happy with my friendly local Walgreens.  It’s near-by, I get some good deals on their sales, and the people there are friendly.  Now I learn that they’re taking their Medicare/Medicaid earnings (masking up 1/4 of their income) and my dollars and fleeing the scene.  They’re one of the latest companies to take advantage of “tax inversion.”  That is, they’ll not touch our familiar Walgreens stores but move their corporate headquarters to a tax-haven, a place that allows them to avoid paying U.S. tax on the U.S. money we gave them. It’s a nice little loophole for them and other corporations, but it cheats our economy out of funds that pay for our government, military, health, safety, and safety nets.

Read more in the Chicago Sun-Times article “Walgreens: The tax-dodger on the corner.”

If this bothers you, inform Walgreens CEO and President Gregory Wassen.  Sign the petition at the Credo Mobilize site.  If enough Walgreens custormers let him know of our disapproval, he may very well calculate how many customers–and how much financial loss–he’ll face and decide to do the right thing.



Veg Out this Summer


Look at all those yummy fresh fruits and vegetables in that Farmer’s Market!  And it’s all grown locally.  Why does that matter?  Because they’re fresher (haven’t traveled 1-2 weeks to get here), have fewer or no preservatives or genetic modifications to extend freshness, save energy (local production takes 3%-17% less oil for transportation), and have less packaging.  Besides, buying them supports our local farmers and economy.  So, enjoy the abundant fruits (and veggies) of summer!

Leaf 6

[For more easy, money-saving, Eco-friendly tips, download a FREE copy of Green Riches: Help the Earth & Your Budget. Go to view/7000, choose a format, and download to your computer or e-book device. Or download a free copy from your favorite e-tailer.]

Executions: Purpose and Practice


What do events in Arizona a few days ago, in Oklahoma in April, and in Ohio in January have in common?  Three botched executions, in which the condemned man tried to gulp air for nearly two hours (Arizona), writhed in agony for several minutes before dying of a heart attack (Oklahoma), and snorted, gasped, and struggled for some time before the lethal drugs killed him (Ohio).  These–and many similar events–also show that carrying out a death sentence can be far from the humane practice it’s legally supposed to be.

I feel compassion for families of victims.  I understand their need for “closure” (whatever that is) and that they believe in “an eye for an eye” (even Christians, whose faith says that Christ came to bring mercy and forgiveness, replacing the Old Testament law of getting even).  And I know that executions are codified in our laws.  But unless they can be carried out in a legal (meaning humane) fashion, they should be discontinued.  Otherwise, they aren’t justice but simply vengeance.



Help Victims of Human Trafficking

The Justice for Victims Act (S. 1738) aims to fight human trafficking by providing more services for victims, depriving convicted offenders of criminal assets and using forfeited assets to satisfy restitution orders for victims, giving law enforcement more and better tools, and reducing demand for sex trafficking.  We’re currently asking Senate Judiciary leaders to support this critical legislation in two primary ways: (a) through co-sponsorship and, (b) moving the bill to the mark-up calendar.

According to Shared Hope, the provisions within S. 1738 would improve existing legislation in three core ways:

1. Clarifies current law and codifies court decisions that the conduct of buyers who “solicit” and “patronize” commercial sex with a child are committing the crime of sex trafficking. Buyers of sex acts with children fuel the sex trafficking markets; without demand, traffickers will lose their profits and countless children will be spared the horrors of sexual exploitation.

2. Authorizes state and local law enforcement to obtain wiretaps in state courts, without federal approval, to investigate trafficking and CSEC offenses more effectively.

3. Increases human trafficking identification and reporting by giving a way to citizens and lawful permanent residents who are victims of human trafficking to obtain official recognition of their status, and requiring regular reporting on the number of human trafficking crimes in the Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

On May 20th, 2014 the U.S. House of Representative pased a House version of the bill (H.R. 3530).  Now we need the Senate to act.  Join us in urging the Senate to take action!   [From Change.Org]


I’m a Failure!


I tried a whole bunch of times and continued to fail.  I cut off heads or inserted a thumb.  I grimaced at the wrong time or squinted when I shouldn’t have.  I memorialized people behind me, catching them doing things they didn’t want people to see them doing.  I turned the whole landscape into a blinding flash.  Finally, I admitted my limitations and handed my cell phone over to a stranger to take a picture of my husband and me on our anniversary outing to the beach.

I admit it.  I’m a selfie failure.  But, happily, my husband loves me in spite of my shortcomings.



Just a Little Heart Attack

Like my friend Linda, I didn’t think anything about a woman having a heart attack could be at all funny.  Actually, I think it would be funny only to women, because a “typical morning” for a man tends to be very different from that of a woman.  Anyway, this short video gets the message across while letting us chuckle a bit–if somewhat uneasily.  Judge for yourself:

[Thanks to Linda Younts for this one.]

Recall? Be Safe


Another batch of vehicles is being recalled!  Seems like it’s happening every day.  At this point you’d have to have a car as old as mine (2004) to be safe.  But, no, recalls are going back farther than that.

To be safe, I looked up my Dodge van.  It had an old recall I never heard about and a problem hose that I’d replaced long ago.

I suggest you check your car.  The easy way is to go to the government website,  The page you need is at  Just put in your make, model, and year and you’ll learn if there are any recalls you should be aware of.  Please do it today. I’d like my readers to be safe.