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Parents at Kids’ Sports Events

Coaches (the good ones) teach sportsmanship to their young players. They should do the same for the parents. If you’ve attended ball games and such to support your or a friend’s children, you’ve probably heard other parents not, shall we say, being a good example to their kids.

Remember Them All

Today, on Memorial Day, let us remember with love and appreciation ALL those who died in service to our nation. Those who were killed in battle or died of wounds.  Those who returned home but later died as a result of diseases and conditions due to the environment they served in, such as Agent Orange. Those whose lives were so traumatized that they died of suicide, not being able to handle PTSD.  Those who returned but no longer had a life to return to and so died, homeless, on the streets.

Let us say thank you to all of them, and may they rest in the peace that they attempted to provide in our world.

I Don’t Understand…

Can someone please explain to me why, if guns are safe and all gun-owners responsible, why are GUNS NOT ALLOWED at National Rifle Association conventions?

Choose a World

Today’s Thursday Thought quote focuses on the benefits of caring for our fellow human beings rather than hating them.

“A loving person lives in a loving world.  A hostile person lives in a hostile world: everyone you meet is your enemy.” – Ken Keyes, Jr.

A Purely American Cancer

Only in America is this a cancer. This month alone, up through yesterday (May 24)–44 mass shootings in almost half of our states. Note that the month isn’t even over. Such carnage is increasing, from 417 (2019), to 611 (2020), to 693 (2021). We’re well on our way in 2022 to topping last year’s dubious record. Check these figures and previous months/years at

So many people, going about their daily lives–adults shopping or going to church, children at school, like yesterday’s 9-10-year-olds in Texas–hurt or killed. So many families’ lives changed forever.

No matter how we interpret the Second Amendment or cherish or fear guns, THIS MUST STOP! We must put aside political party, close our ears to lobbyists, and do the right thing. I’m not advocating taking away anyone’s guns except from those who are at best irresponsible and at worst dangerous, those who are immature, mentally/emotionally incompetent, unwilling to ensure their guns can’t be stolen or unknowingly used by others, have deep-seated hatred toward ethnic groups. Isn’t this just common sense? Of course it is. So why are we NOT doing what needs to be done to save lives from gun violence?

What We Forget when we Fill Our Tanks

We humans always look for someone to blame for things that disrupt our lives. Some people are so handy, so visible that they’re easy to get mad at. Who’s to blame for gas prices, and are people tossing blame in the right direction?

May be an image of text that says 'Most people don't know what controls the price of gas. The price of gas is set by... Price of Crude Oil/ /Availability -Cost to refine -Cost to distrubute -Taxes both Federal and State -The oil companies desire for profit. these factors are controlledby ThePresident ofthe United States.'

I’ve Been Turtled!

If you’ve been reading my blogs awhile, you know that I’m an animal-lover. I’m even a turtle-lover. Her name is Shelley (of course…she has a lovely shell) and she’s a red-eared slider. When my son gave her to me a few years ago, I tried to be enthusiastic. (What the #@&!!! was I going to do with a turtle?) She grew on me, coming over to me when I’m beside her large outdoor tank and looking up at me with eyes that say, “I’ starving! Feed me.” We have a game we play: as I scoop out debris from the surface, she chases the net. She even exercises my Border Collie, who runs around and around the tank, jumping her front paws up onto the edge, while Shelley looks at her from her sunning deck with what I imagine is an attitude of “You don’t impress me…yawn.”

In honor of Shelley (I’ve actually bonded with a turtle?!), I offer you her picture on this World Turtle Day.

A Cheap Vacation

In today’s Thursday Thought quote/picture, Charlaine Harris gives us a great idea for an enjoyable yet cheap vacation.

How the “Hump” Came About

Happy “hump day”!  And keep your mind out of the gutter.  Every Wednesday is a red-letter day because we’re over the “hump” of the work week. The phrase “over the hump” originated in WWII and referred to the hard, dangerous flight of supplies over the Himalayan Mountains. Eventually the phrase referred to anything that was particularly difficult. Since at least the 1980s it came to mean you made it to noon on the middle day of the work week, so you’re on your way to your weekend. The rest of the week would be good. Thursday was usually payday, and Friday was the last working day of the week.  After lunch today, enjoy riding the hum down to a relaxing weekend.

Beat the System

Ever think the “system” is out to get you?  It’s sad reality for those whom society prefers to ignore.  We can change their lives, though, simply by working with groups dedicated to their well-being.  Yes, I’m talking about volunteering.  But not for far-flung causes you don’t care much about.  Make it something close to your own heart.  Do you have a family member who has a special challenge?  Then be part of a project like Special Olympics, which helps mentally and physically fragile people participate in society.  If you had (or were!) a troubled teen, become a Foster Parent or Child Advocate.  Maybe the elderly are close to your heart.  Catholic Charities has an Ombudsman Program which needs volunteers to investigate complaints and advocate for people.  Focus on a group of vulnerable people, and offer a few hours to improve their lives.  You’ll be helping people in distress, and you’ll be making the “system” more humane.