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Date While You Wait

This guy had an interesting idea: why waste time waiting when you could be dating?  What intrigues me is that, although it may lead to a real date, it’s simply people spending spare time not on electronic devices but connecting with people on a relaxed, fun level.  We can use more of this.

Shelley’s Observation

It’s been cold and rainy here. I admit that those of us living in No. CA are spoiled, as exhibited by the last couple of dry, sunny days. Since it’s winter, my Red-Eared Slider, Shelly, is supposed to be hibernating. If she could talk, though, she’d be saying, “Winter, sminter! Who wants to hibernate in this gorgeous weather?!”

What About Those Nurdles?

What are plastic nurdles? Sounds like a toy. Far from it. They’re dangerous. Read about them and what we can do to protect ourselves. Click HERE.

What’s Behind Each Woman?

Today’s Thursday Thought quote is for women. We need to remember this and be thankful for our sisterhood.

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back.” (Unknown)

Some of Us Have Forgotten This

This cartoon is a reminder of the fact that just about ALL Americans are descendants of immigrants fleeing toward a better life.

U.S. is an Oil Giant

I just learned a surprising fact: the U.S. is now producing more oil than either Saudi Arabia or Russia–in fact, more than any other country anytime in history. I have mixed emotions about this.

Take a Breath and Consider

I’m hearing more and more arguments, insults, and judgments being tossed at people as the hate-mongering political season heats up. It’s time for us to take a breath, stand back, and remember what Thomas Merton says in today’s Thursday Thought quote:

The Power of the Disabled Community

1.75M more voters can make a difference. So, people with disabilities–a low-voting group–can make a difference.

“If people with disabilities voted at the same rate as people without disabilities who have
the same demographic characteristics, there would be about 1.75 million more voters.
These figures are based on analysis of data from the federal government’s Current
Population Survey Voting Supplement for November 2020.” (

Not Our Fault

Prices at the gas pump are rising AGAIN, causing more division in America as the name-blame heightens. Note: Congress and the President (no matter who’s in office) have no power over it. It’s because container ships are taking the more expensive way around the Red Sea to avoid being sunk by the Houthis, who have been attacking them since Nov. Let’s not give into blame here in the US. We have more than enough tearing our country apart.

Santa’s Post-Christmas Thoughts

A couple of weeks after Christmas, when Santa is rested up, he has second thoughts: