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Which Animals Allowed on the Beach?

No lengthy comment needed on this one. Just for humans who enjoy the outdoors to think about.

The Guggenheim: Cruelty to Animals as “Art”

The Guggenheim is a prestigious museum, run, I thought, by intelligent people.  I’m thinking that may not really be true, now that I’ve heard about an exhibit from China they plan to have for three months starting Oct. 6. It’s clear, unabashed cruelty to animals. Dogs running toward each other on treadmills, salivating themselves into exhaustion. Pigs with meaningless Chinese characters on their bodies, mating. Various animals trapped in glass viewing-enclosures, left to eat each other or die of fatigue.  And there are more.

If this seems cruel and beneath Guggenheim, read more about the situation and sign the petition asking them to pull the portions of animal cruelty from the exhibit.

See and sign the petition HERE.