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A Cure for Peek-itis

This cartoon struck me as funny–AND a good idea!

Dangerous Emails

A group of women I get together with twice a month was talking about emails we all receive that are mean-spirited and often just plain false.  We agreed that they spread harmful misinformation and perpetuate distrust and animosity.  In other words, there’s nothing positive about them.

Why do people send them?  Some have an agenda–like the rash of attacks during elections–while others just love passing on anything shocking or upsetting, true or not.   Some think they’ve discovered a brand-new fact that’s just been discovered, even though the message has been recycled again and again over ten years or even several decades.  Others think they’re protecting country or religion (think about the recurring email saying that In God We Trust is being removed from money when, in fact, the words have simply been moved).  Many people have good intentions but don’t stop to think and evaluate.  They unwittingly spread rancor and untruths and often never realize they’ve done so.

My group decided that this is a practice that’s harmful to all of us.  If nothing else, it wounds our souls.  In an already dysfunctional world, we need to fight such practices, not foster them.  It’s up to us to be more alert and conscientious.  Before sending a negative email on its insidious way, we should do a little fact checking.  The two easiest sites for this are and www.truthorfiction.comThere are others, like, and ones dedicated to specific topics, like politics (search urban myths politics–or whatever other topic).  They aren’t any good, though, if people don’t use them BEFORE they hit the “send” key to forward an email.

Stop those emails, and send a note to the person who sent it to you, setting him straight and encouraging him to tell everyone else he sent the original email to.  This really is a small thing that everyone can do to work toward a more loving peaceful world.

The Impact of Junk Mail

It keeps coming. Every day. Filling our mailbox. Making a mess. Piling up. Imagine a year’s worth in front of you. Think about the huge impact it has (see chart below). Then call or email all those companies who send you unwanted junk mail and demand that they remove you from all their mailing lists.

All the Gods Agree

Wars are fought over religion. The Supreme Being is called by different names. People distrust, belittle, hate, or kill others because of their religious beliefs. Yet, it all boils down to a simple rule that appears in the holy books of all major religions. Some call it the “Golden Rule.” (Put the cursor on the chart and use Ctrl X while scrolling to enlarge so you can see everything.)

How to Solve All Your Problems

We ALL have problems. Big ones. Little ones. Medium ones. But they’re all things we want to be rid of. Today’s Thursday Thought sheds light on why many of those problems just won’t go away.

Dr. Seuss Was Complicated

Theodor Geisel (AKA Dr. Seuss) was a complicated man. He wasn’t overly fond of children, yet wrote endearing children’s books. He wrote one book as an apology to the Japanese people he had maligned. He wrote propaganda during WWII. The beloved Green Eggs and Ham addresses prejudice. There’s a lot to this guy whose legacy lives on. Read about him in Dr. Seuss’ Children’s Books Show a Commitment to Social Justice Relevant Today.

I’m Feeling Earthy

April is a very earthy month, with Earth Day (today) and National Arbor Day (Friday the 26th).  PLUS, we’re in the midst of the season of renewed life, Easter.  It’s a marvelous time to think about what we can do for our home, the Earth.  No room in your yard for another tree?  In my area we have Our City Forest—you probably have such an organization in your area, too.  Sign up with them to help with planting projects in your city.  Stroll along the banks of a local river, lake, or pond, carrying tools to pick up trash.  Spend time around your home, building a birdhouse, creating a habitat in that unused corner of the yard, or planting non-thirsty plants.  Take your family to an Earth Day event, or follow up on an eco-activity you learned when attending one.  This month, begin a new habit: at least once a day get out of the house and smell the roses and the fresh air, listen to bird-songs, feel cool clean lake water on your toes, bite into a mouth-pleasing, messy orange, watch cloud-swans glide through clear, blue skies.  Then, determine to keep all these available for future generations.

A Day for Christians and Jews

Today Good Friday and the start of Passover coincide. The Christian observance is all day, and the Jewish one begins at sunset. The idea of both is the same–to stop, reflect, pray, and give thanks.

My best wishes to all for a blessed Passover and Easter season.

For When You Are Disabled (& You Will Be)

If you aren’t disabled, you probably will be some time in your life, whether temporarily or permanently. That’s just part of life. Today’s Thursday Thought quote is something you you to remember.

Easter and Chocolate Bunnies

So, your non-Christian friends, in front of your children, are teasing you about how the chocolate bunnies, chicks, and eggs in your kids’ Easter baskets can’t have anything to do with Christ.  It’s time to explain the symbolism to them. 

In ancient times the rabbit (bunny) symbolized abundant new life, as do baby chicks.  And the egg, an ancient symbol of Spring, opens, releasing the chick, reminding us of Christ’s coming forth from the tomb.  Other indicators of new life are the flowers and baby animals often pictured in Easter settings.  Point out the beauty of God’s creation in the form of these Easter symbols, in the birds in the sky, in a newborn in your friends’ family, in the love given by grandparents, and in your garden, which, like Jesus, died but will be brimming with new life in Spring.  Focus the kids’ attention on the gift the Father gave us and that Jesus came to save for all eternity, the gift that must be honored and cherished in all its forms—life.