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Why Give a Cold Shoulder

This expression, meaning to be antisocial, dismissive, or unwelcoming to someone, began in the first part of the 1800s. If someone you didn’t like showed up for dinner, the polite way to tell them to leave was to serve them a cold slice of shoulder meat from mutton, beef, or pork instead of a warm portion. I bet we all know someone who wouldn’t take the hint.

A Special Thought for Memorial Day

Today, pause to remember the men and women who died fighting America’s battles. Their goal was to stop tyrants and regimes that treat people like insignificant, disposable, unworthy non-humans. This was their contribution to upholding the dignity of man and working toward peace. A fitting memorial to them is to carry on their mission. Not fighting in a far-away land but living our daily lives as though those around us, those of different skin colors, religions, socio-economic status–everyone–were human beings. Such a peaceful, tolerant attitude must start with us individually, in our homes, schools, and workplaces and spread to our cities, states, nation, and, ultimately, the world. Maybe such a global attitude will prevent tyrants and hate-groups from getting a foothold. Yes, this is idealistic, but so were all those who died in uniform. Carrying on their idealism is an appropriate way to honor them. Even if we succeed in making a more peaceful, tolerant world just in our own lives, that is a tribute to the principle they fought for.  

Dead Batteries Aren’t Dead

You may be wasting batteries by throwing them away too soon. Once they no longer work in one device, try them in another one that draws less power, and burnish the contacts. You’ll be surprised at how much life those batteries still have.

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Alice is Ready for the Call

We are all, like Alice, plagued by this scourge. Her solution won’t help with recorded pitches but might encourage enough telemarketers to seek other jobs until none of them is left.

Men’s Respect for Women

Today’s Thursday Thought quote is a simple idea that can make a big difference.

“Destroy the idea that men should respect women because we are their daughters, mothers, & sisters. Reinforce the idea that men should respect #women because we are people.” (unknown) 

Head-Exploding Ad

For years, there’s been a TV ad that wants to make me scream over all others–the Kars for Kids ad. I rush to mute the TV and look away quickly. Now there’s a second one. It’s for Jardiance. People dance with joy and sing about “the little pill with a big story to tell.” UGGGGGG!

Gang Tattoos and Kids’ Lives

Gangs take their toll in violence, promote anti-social behavior, and alienate young people from their families and their non-gang member friends. Part of that life is tattoos, proudly advertising gang affiliation and crimes committed. Those tattoos remain forever, interfering with the youth’s ability to re-enter non-gang society or get a job. Do you know a 14-25-year old ex-gang member with gang-tattooed face, hands, neck, or wrists? Google “Gang Tattoo Removal for Teens” to help them find a free program or business that removes tattoos so they have a chance at a better future.

It’s Getting Nastier

Campaigns for President and Congress people, obstruction and name-calling in Congress, threats and lies toward judges, truth-twisting on social media…. I wish we’d all hang this sign in our homes to remind us of who Americans used to be.

I Did It, But…

When I was asked to do a videotaped interview (rather than previous non-video), I was hesitant. Person-to-person I’m fine, but video makes me nervous, as you can see. Since I promised to put it on social media, here it is. (First 70 seconds is explanation of the Women Over 50 podcast.)

Bite the Bullet

If you’ve read my posts awhile you know that my love for phrase-origins sometimes surfaces. Today I offer “bite the bullet,” meaning to do or accept something you strongly disagree with. You’ve seen this in Westerns or war movies. A doctor tells a patient that what they’re about to do will hurt a lot, but they’ve run out of pain killers or anesthesia. They then give the patient a bullet and told to bite down hard to relieve some of the pain. It was just a distraction, but sometimes it actually worked, sort of.