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The Truth About On-Hold Calls

I thought I’d start the week with a cartoon that’s sort of funny but definitely how we feel while waiting for that horrible “hold” music when we call a company.

What happens when you call a company and are “invited” to wait on-hold because your call is important to them? This cartoon tells the real story about their intentions.

Safer Cleaning Products

Use the most earth-friendly cleaning products available.   The Environmental Working Group has rated major brands and products according to how environmentally safe they are and given them grades. Before you buy any products, find out which ones have earned an A or B and use those. Go to, then use only those earning an A or B rating.   


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[For more easy, money-saving, Eco-friendly tips, download a FREE copy of Green Riches: Help the Earth & Your Budget. Go to, choose a format, and download to your computer or e-book device. For a description of the book go to My Free Books).

A New Holiday, Too Long Coming

Tomorrow (June 19, 2021) will be the first official Federal Juneteenth. Some states have established it as such, but never, until now, our Federal Government. It’s a holiday that has been celebrated by a large portion of Americans for years but was made official by Congress just in time to recognize it this year, 2021.  It has existed among African-Americans since 1865 and reflects the Emancipation Proclamation, which Lincoln had signed two years before but which didn’t reach throughout the country until African-Americans learned about it in Texas in 1865.  It has also been referred to as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, Liberation Day, and Emancipation Day, which sums up its significance.  It’s a time for Americans with roots in Africa to be joyful about not only their freedom but also their culture and achievements.  It’s a time, too, for the rest of us to celebrate the end of a disgraceful, dehumanizing period in our nation’s history and to vow to work harder toward eliminating the social, economic, and political vestiges of that period that still exist as a shadow over our country today.

Wisdom of Snoopy

I, like many people, are drawn to the wisdom of Snoopy. In today’s Thursday Thought quote, Snoopy reminds us of what a truly good day is and how we can achieve it. (Thank you, Charles Schultz.)

Suggestions for Father’s Day Gift He’ll Love (Not an Ad)

Here’s some help for you if you’re wracking your brain to figure out the perfect Father’s Day gift for your older dad who doesn’t really want a lot more “stuff.”

Most dads, especially older ones, have enough ties and golf balls to last out the century.  This year, try giving your dad a Father’s Day gift that makes a real difference to him.  Here are some suggestions which he’ll appreciate even more because they come from your heart.

  1. Take him on a day trip, complete with picnic lunch and time to spend together.  A non-driving dad will really enjoy this.  If he still drives, share the driving—it’s a non-threatening way for you to be sure he can still drive safely.
  2. Spend a day going through Dad’s house with him, looking for burned-out lights, loose steps or railings, frayed cords, broken smoke-detectors, slippery, rugs and other hazards and fix them together.  Suggest making the bathroom—the most dangerous room in any house—safer by installing a grab-bar and rubber mat in the tub/shower.
  3. If his laundry is in the basement, he takes chances each time he carries laundry and supplies down those steps and clean laundry back up.  Is there a space on the main floor where a washer/dryer could go—maybe a set of stackables?  If you have siblings, share the cost of new machines or re-plumbing the old ones in a safer location.
  4. Be his private chef.  If he lives alone he may just grab some fast food or unhealthy frozen dinners or not eat at all.  Bad nutrition leads to ill health and weaknesses that endanger him.  Cook a variety of single-serving meals for him and package them in a way that lets him pop them into the oven or microwave.  Use a Sharpie to write cooking directions on the covering.

This Father’s Day, give the gift of securing your dad’s safety and well-being.  A big hug won’t hurt, either.

Don’t Be Gaslighted

We’ve heard a lot about “gaslighting” — people using it to attack us about our political, personal, or social beliefs, for example. You may have had someone use one or more of these 6 Gaslighting Phrases People Say to Manipulate you to make you question yourself, your ideas or feelings, even reality itself. Read this start to that Huffpost article, then go to 6 Gaslighting Phrases People Say to Manipulate you to read the rest to learn how to combat such an attack on you.

“Gaslighting, a manipulation tactic often wielded by emotional abusers, gradually makes you question your own judgment, feelings, memories and reality. Because of its insidious nature, it can be hard for victims to recognize it as it’s happening.

“Abusers use gaslighting as a way to gain and maintain power and control in the relationship. They break down your confidence over time by making you think your interpretation of events is incorrect. The more you second-guess yourself, the more you start to believe their version must be the accurate one.

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This is MY Kind of Trash!

I couldn’t resist passing this on to you. I’d like to see this posted on every trash barrel in every park, in every school…everywhere!

Germy Phones

We handle them, breath on them, set them on surfaces that are almost definitely not clean. Our phones pick up germs and bacteria, along with dirt and grime. Do we really want to pick those up and put them close to our face? Would be a good idea to clean them first. But how do we do that without harming them?

Credo has published an online article called How to Safely Sanitize Your Phone and Keep it Germ-Free. Read it and learn what to do, including cleaning agents and proper handling.

If you think your phone is clean enough already, think about what Credo points out in their article: “Studies show that our phones carry around 17,000 bacteria per square inch — 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat — and we touch our phones roughly 2,617 times a day. For heavy phone users, that number jumps to 5,427 times.”

Cowboy Motto

Today’s Thursday Thought quote brings us some old fashioned, basic wisdom that cowboys — and cowboys (and cowgirls) at heart live by.

Enjoy those Asian Characters?

Violence and prejudice against Asians is rampant in our country. The news makes it seem like it’s something new. It isn’t. Much of it is based on stereotypes we’ve perpetuated by accepting and enjoying on TV and movies. Evaluate your own attitude by watching this short YouTube video: