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What We Forget when we Fill Our Tanks

We humans always look for someone to blame for things that disrupt our lives. Some people are so handy, so visible that they’re easy to get mad at. Who’s to blame for gas prices, and are people tossing blame in the right direction?

May be an image of text that says 'Most people don't know what controls the price of gas. The price of gas is set by... Price of Crude Oil/ /Availability -Cost to refine -Cost to distrubute -Taxes both Federal and State -The oil companies desire for profit. these factors are controlledby ThePresident ofthe United States.'

I’ve Been Turtled!

If you’ve been reading my blogs awhile, you know that I’m an animal-lover. I’m even a turtle-lover. Her name is Shelley (of course…she has a lovely shell) and she’s a red-eared slider. When my son gave her to me a few years ago, I tried to be enthusiastic. (What the #@&!!! was I going to do with a turtle?) She grew on me, coming over to me when I’m beside her large outdoor tank and looking up at me with eyes that say, “I’ starving! Feed me.” We have a game we play: as I scoop out debris from the surface, she chases the net. She even exercises my Border Collie, who runs around and around the tank, jumping her front paws up onto the edge, while Shelley looks at her from her sunning deck with what I imagine is an attitude of “You don’t impress me…yawn.”

In honor of Shelley (I’ve actually bonded with a turtle?!), I offer you her picture on this World Turtle Day.

A Cheap Vacation

In today’s Thursday Thought quote/picture, Charlaine Harris gives us a great idea for an enjoyable yet cheap vacation.

How the “Hump” Came About

Happy “hump day”!  And keep your mind out of the gutter.  Every Wednesday is a red-letter day because we’re over the “hump” of the work week. The phrase “over the hump” originated in WWII and referred to the hard, dangerous flight of supplies over the Himalayan Mountains. Eventually the phrase referred to anything that was particularly difficult. Since at least the 1980s it came to mean you made it to noon on the middle day of the work week, so you’re on your way to your weekend. The rest of the week would be good. Thursday was usually payday, and Friday was the last working day of the week.  After lunch today, enjoy riding the hum down to a relaxing weekend.

Beat the System

Ever think the “system” is out to get you?  It’s sad reality for those whom society prefers to ignore.  We can change their lives, though, simply by working with groups dedicated to their well-being.  Yes, I’m talking about volunteering.  But not for far-flung causes you don’t care much about.  Make it something close to your own heart.  Do you have a family member who has a special challenge?  Then be part of a project like Special Olympics, which helps mentally and physically fragile people participate in society.  If you had (or were!) a troubled teen, become a Foster Parent or Child Advocate.  Maybe the elderly are close to your heart.  Catholic Charities has an Ombudsman Program which needs volunteers to investigate complaints and advocate for people.  Focus on a group of vulnerable people, and offer a few hours to improve their lives.  You’ll be helping people in distress, and you’ll be making the “system” more humane.

It’s MY Decision

It wasn’t easy and took me a long time, involving research, weighing truths, reading original documents, and tuning out what’s being said in ads and social media (NOT good sources!). Then going through and carefully marking bubbles to be sure I didn’t make a mistake. But I got through it and dropped my ballot into the mail this morning.

“It’s only a Primary Election,” I hear people say. “I won’t bother until the REAL election in November.”

What those people are overlooking is that the Primaries are at least as important, maybe even more so. Partly because they include state/city offices/issues (who do I want in charge of my state and city?) and measures that, if passed, will affect my life positively and negatively. In addition, Primaries determine who runs in the General Election. I want a say in that, because I want the best possible candidates to be put before the voters in the General.

Problem: Too few people vote in the Primaries, leaving the decisions to interest groups and wealthy supporters whose voices are loud enough to influence the election, because their voices and money shout loudest, drawing in like-minded and/or sheep-like voters. I refuse to give into them. I refuse to let others decide the lives of myself and my loved ones.

Angel (Devil) Soft TP

Don’t use Angel Soft TP! Contact Georgia Pacific at and tell them you won’t buy it again until they change their irresponsible TV ad. You’ve seen it. A mother pulls off about 15 squares of TP for her little daughter. This teaches kids that they need that much TP when a far smaller amount does the job. Besides, it’s environmentally harmful: TP = cutting down old-growth trees and using a LOT of water during manufacturing. Our limited natural resources can’t afford to be needlessly flushed down the drain.

Beware Friggatriskaidekaphobia

Are you hiding under the covers all day today? Avoiding making decisions? Not traveling any more than you absolutely have to?  It’s probably due to your friggatriskaidekaphobia–fear of Friday the 13th.  Blame it on the Norse goddess or the movie series, or laugh at people who have this fear. Many people actually do experience it.

Wonder how it started? What it’s history is or what myths surround it?  If more thefts, accidents, crime, etc. happen on Friday 13?  Before venturing any further into this day, read the International Business Times article on the topic (go to

Shout it Out–Silently

Today’s Thursday Thought quote/picture made me think. I try to be a good listener, but I’d never associated it with being kind. Now I can remember all sorts of times when I was the grateful recipient of this kindness.

An App to Save on Food Bills

The FoodKeeper app tells how/how long to store food and beverages so you can maximize their freshness, quality, and usefulness. It was developed by the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, with Cornell University and the Food Marketing Institute. To download it to your computer or phone, go to