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Lesson from Sunflowers

I’ve always enjoyed watching sunflowers at different times of the day. It’s interesting how they move, toward the sun when it’s bright and inward when it’s not. Until reading this Thursday Thought quote, though, I didn’t understand that they were teaching us something.


All of us are kind from time to time. Often to people we care about. Sometimes to others in order to curry favor. Today’s Thursday Thought quote explains that kindness is bigger than that.

The Only Effective Influence

I wonder how often I’ve unconsciously influenced someone, in either a positive or a negative direction–when I wasn’t aware of how I was acting, reacting, speaking, or expressing myself through body language. Today’s Thursday Thought quote made me think about that.

“Example is not the main thing in influencing others.  It is the only thing.”  (Albert Schweitzer)

A Right, Fair Mandate

In today’s Thursday Thought quote, John Lewis reminds us of our obligation to our children.

Maya on Hate

Today’s Thursday Thought quote comes from Maya Angelou, who experienced hate and wrote powerful poetry about it.

What a Bright Idea!

Today’s Thursday Thought quote, by Yogi Bhajan, just gave me a good feeling. If we all did this, what a wonderful world we’d live in.

People in Our Lives

We are surrounded by people we touch and we don’t even know we’ve affected their lives, as today’s Thursday Thought quote points out.


The Buddhists have a saying about helping and its effect. In today’s Thursday Thought quote, I offer it for your consideration.

Serving and Leading

Good old Mr./Mrs./Ms. Anonymous sometimes has a worthwhile thought or two. As in today’s Thursday Thought quote:

Binding, Limiting, & Control

In today’s Thursday Thought quote, Marianne Williamson reminds us of exactly what it is that binds, limits, and controls us.