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Simple Wishes, Willing Girl

Kids can often teach adults some important lessons. For example, 11-year-old Ruby teaches compassion, consideration, and generosity of spirit. She saw residents of a nursing home who were sad, missing the little pleasures in life, and she did something about it. Read about what she did, why, and the results at 11-Year-old Girl Has Been Granting the Simple Wishes of Nursing Home Patients.

Reverse Mortgage–Boon or Steal?

Now I’m getting offers for a “Home Equity Conversion Mortgage,” although it sure seems like a “Reverse Mortgage” to me.¬†Rules are the same. If you’re considering one, figure out if you can live with those rules (from AAG mailing):

  • You must occupy your house as your primary residence. [Reasonable.]
  • You must pay for ongoing maintenance, or the loan becomes due and payable. [Does the loan default if they decide that your maintenance isn’t adequate?]
  • You pay all taxes and insurance. [Can be expensive.]
  • Loan is due and payable, and maybe foreclosed on, when you, (the borrower) or “eligible [whatever that is] non-borrowing surviving spouse” dies, sells the house, moves out permanently [can mean into a nursing home], defaults on taxes or insurance payments, “or does not otherwise comply with the loan terms [you know, all that legalese in the fine print that’s hard to read or understand or is vague enough for them to interpret it their way].

By the way, you still pay interest, because it’s still a loan. And your income taxes get complicated.

Pass on this information to all your older friends and relatives before they sign on to one of these “fantastic deals”!


A Joy-Ride for Seniors

Check out this video.  It’s  a great idea.  There  must be SOME way we could do this in our own communities.

This Man Takes Seniors On A Bike Ride Around Town

This Man Takes Seniors On A Bike Ride Around Town

Posted by David Wolfe on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Canine Angel

You’ve heard about “therapy dogs,” but have you ever seen one in action? ¬†Nala, a teacup poodle, is sensitive to people’s needs and chooses whom to visit at this Minnesota nursing home.

Warning: This video may cause clouding of vision.