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In Humble Appreciation

Imagine where we’d be without them!

U.S. Military Dogs Being Mistreated

(From Working Dogs Left to Die.)

“You may have seen the news recently about the reports published about horrendous neglect of U.S. bomb-sniffing dogs in Jordan. In response to a hotline complaint, the Office of the Inspector General sent a team to do an evaluation of the kennel conditions of Explosive Detection Canines provided to Jordan. What they found was a horrifying combination of neglect, overwork and lack of basic veterinary care.

“Dogs that were carefully trained to save lives are now living in squalid conditions. Their kennels are covered in feces, their water bowls are often dry, and they aren’t being fed regularly. All of that, and they are still expected to work long days under the hot sun; sniffing for bombs.”

Read more and sign the petition at https://www.spcai.org/news/ed-blog/working-dogs-left-to-die.

Honoring Our Military

Tomorrow is Armed Forces Day. President Harry S. Truman ushered in this day in which we recognize and honor the military women and men who have, do, and will protect our country and way of life. The observance became official on Aug. 31, 1949, replacing days honoring the different branches of the service now that they were all combined under the Dept. of Defense.

Let’s stop and think what these people and their families give up for us and express our gratitude in some small way. “Thank you for your service” has become an automatic response, often with little or no feeling behind it. Say or do something different. Buy a current or ex military person a cup of coffee, visit their family and help with household repairs, or take care of their kids while the parents have a “date night.” I’m sure you’ll think of something that will let them know how much you appreciate them.

Talk About an Informal President!

Here’s a bit of American trivia, this time about one of our Presidents. 

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson was a lover of everything French?  Possibly.  Did you know how laid-back he was?  Probably not.  For example, he preferred a leisurely life and engaged in it whenever possible.  For example, when people visited the White House, he would greet them in his slippers and robe. And he further de-formalized meeting with visitors by shaking hands instead of bowing, which was the norm established by George Washington because G.W. didn’t like physical contact.

Not the image we have of this man who wrote the Declaration of Independence, established the U.S. Military Academy, abolished the slave trade, and accomplished many other important tasks for our country.

Military Moms and Mother’s Day

Mostly, the media covers men in the military, showing their kids running into their arms when their dad suddenly appears home on leave. Imagine being a mother deployed far away from your kids, and imagine her feelings on Mother’s Day.

I invite you to remember these military moms by signing this thank-you card sponsored by the USO.  They won’t be able to be with their kids this coming Sunday, but at least they’ll know that we care about and appreciate them.

Parades and Respect for Our Military

Please, Mr. Trump, no military parade.  In authoritarian regimes, such a parade emphasizes tanks, bombs,  and military personnel trained to look adoringly toward their leader and salute him as they pass by his grandstand.  In the U.S., we stand for something different–people, not machines (whether mechanical or trained humans).  The kind of parade the President wants is the former, not the latter.

I think such a parade shows disrespect for the men and women who serve us so unselfishly.  They are the ones who should be honored, not the military might and threat of our country.  And such respect should be afforded them daily and sincerely, not for an hour during a glitzy parade that doesn’t reflect who they are both as people and as our protectors.

Instead of a parade, Mr. President, how about putting the large amount of money it would cost into housing for homeless vets?

In Their Honor: Pause at 3 P.M.

Today, at 3:00 P.M., people will be pausing for a silent moment to honor those who have lost their lives in military service.  Amtrack trains will blow their whistles in tribute.  And others will find a way to honor our lost military men and women who died in service to our country and to us.

3:00 P.M.  Join in.  It’s the least we can do.

20,000 of Our Military Sexually Attacked? Who Cares?

“There were more than 20,000 cases of sexual assault, rape, and unwanted sexual contact in the military in 2015.1 It’s an epidemic of sexual assault that is made even worse because the assaults are under-reported and under-prosecuted, with victims often facing devastating retaliation.

“The Pentagon has repeatedly claimed that it can handle this problem – and repeatedly tried to thwart or water-down Congress’ efforts to intervene. It’s clear that the military is failing to protect victims of sexual assault and punish perpetrators. Of the incidents in 2015, around 6,000 were reported and 543 proceeded to trial.2 And according to the Pentagon, somewhere between 40 and 60 percent of women who report being sexually assaulted experience retaliation.3″

Read the read the rest of this report (including documentation for the footnotes) at Credo’s The Military Assault Epidemic.  While you’re there, consider signing their petition to the Senate seeking justice for these victims.  The situation should not be tolerated!  We must care!



More Sexual Assaults in the Military

The Pentagon misled Congress by using inaccurate or vague information about sexual assault cases in an effort to blunt support for a Senate bill that would make a major change in how the military handles allegations of sexual misconduct, an Associated Press investigation found.

Read the rest of this troubling AP article:  Pentagon misled lawmakers on military sexual assault cases.



Best News in a Long Time

This news gave me hope: Saudi Arabia and 33 others have formed an “Islamic military alliance” to fight terrorism.  Finally, governments that are in the middle of the horror over there, have the power to do something about it, and have a stake–both physically and religiously–are showing strength and determination.

My hope is that they can be a force to wipe out ISIS and other terrorist groups and move the minds and hearts of the people against those who pervert Islam and who convert others to do the same.