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Know Your Headgear

A 68-year-old Sikh man was purposely hit by a truck then beaten by two men.  A physician and assistant professor of international affairs at Columbia University was beaten by at least a dozen teens and young men.   Each year since 9/11, violence against peace-loving Sikhs has increased.

And the reason may very well boil down to beards and headgear, which are part of a devout Sikh man’s appearance.

Many people see the turban on a Sikh man and think he’s Muslim, then jump to the conclusion that all Muslims are responsible for 9/11 and the current terrorism.  It’s a double error.

To dispel at least part of this egregious situation, I invite you to learn about the different headgear worn by Sikhs, Muslim religious elders, Afghan Muslims, Iranian Mullahs, Arab Muslim Kaffiyeh, and dessert people and Muslim terrorists.

Take a look.  Then spread the word.



Poisoned Lawns: An Eco-Terrorist’s Stupidity

I’m very, very pro-environment, but I’m disgusted by our local eco-terrorists.  Sometimes their actions seem minor, affecting only a few people–like their recent poisoning of lawns in my hometown of San Jose, CA.  Some thirty homeowners watched as their front lawns died away.

Okay, so there’s no proof that it’s the work of eco-terrorists.  But some people in this area of town have had this happen several times, and the large portions of dead lawns, with some areas still living, exclude a dog with an overactive bladder or the result of the drought.  Teens just having fun?  All the teens I know would have been bored by the second hit and have moved onto some other game.  On the other hand, eco-terrorists believe that all lawns are bad (ecologically speaking, they are NOT wrong) and that it’s their duty to teach lawn-freaks a lesson (there they ARE wrong).

I don’t see the perpetrators stepping up and saying, “Now that you’ve learned your lesson we’ll help you dig up and haul away the contaminated grass, bring in soil that will   sustain plant life, and work with you to design and plant a more eco-friendly garden.”  Nor do I hear them say that they’ll chip in to pay the $5,000 it will cost one homeowner to fix what they did.  Now that I think of it, I also don’t hear them volunteering to put the contaminated soil into their own yards rather than the dump or elsewhere, maybe because they know they can’t grow veggies in it or plant suitable habitat-plants.

They’re not making a point; they’re just being childish, selfish, unthinking, and criminal.  Plus, they’re defeating their supposed purpose by removing oxygen-producers and contaminating the Earth they claim to defend.