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I’m Sorry

I’m sorry, but I’m not offering you an informative or humorous blog today.  My heart is too heavy as I hear news of even more human beings being killed by terrorists who have no concept of brotherhood or basic human decency.  ISIS has claimed responsibility for Brussels, which means the perpetrators are once again profaning the name of Allah, whom they claim as their God yet who must be crying tears of sadness and disappointment right now.

In a few minutes, I intend to ask my God–the universal God of mercy and love–to help the rest of us fight this evil of terrorism.


Listen Up, Trump!

I’m angry!  Donald Trump continues to portray Muslims as evil people bent on killing Americans because Allah wants them to. This is SUCH a perversion of true Islam, which is a peace-loving religion.  He refuses to acknowledge that ISIS and their kind are being disowned by most Muslims.  In fact, they want them to go away so they can live out two of their religion’s teachings–peace and harmony.

Yesterday in an interview Trump said it again: “Islam hates America.”

Get it through your thick skull, Trump–you are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!


Vote with Me

After living through this past week, I’ve decided how to vote.  Maybe not the specific person yet.  But I know for sure that the person I decide to vote for will NOT be one who is acting like a spoiled 6-year-old.

I fear a President who deals with foreign heads of state–especially, say, North Korea or Russia–or represents the U.S. in settling the Israeli/Palestinian conflict–or decides how to handle Isis and other terrorist groups.  I fear a person who says to Congress-members, “It’s my way or the highway” rather than promoting thoughtful discussion of all sides of an issue and working toward a more unified, effective Congress.  I fear a President who engages in personal attacks rather than meaningful dialog, thus treating us citizens as though we don’t have a brain or know what’s good for us.  Yes, I fear a spoiled brat, egotistic, self-important 6-year-old President.

Now, although you don’t know who I’ll vote for in this coming Primary and General elections, I bet you can guess who WILL NOT get my vote.  And I urge you to vote with me.



Will ISIS Fighters Quit over Wages?

I just heard that ISIS fighters earn $4200 a month, and more if they have a wife and children.  But now that American bombers have been blowing up their stashes of money, they’re cutting that salary in half.

This made me wonder how many of their fighters are motivated less by ideology and pleasing Allah and more by a wage they likely couldn’t earn in another job.  Will the cut in salary and benefits lead hoards of fighters to quit and–if they aren’t executed–go home?  Maybe, too, devoted ISIS volunteers living in other countries (like the U.S.) will demand that they be paid and refuse to blow themselves up if they aren’t.

Here’s a thought: will capitalism do what nations and peoples have been unable to do, namely, spell death to ISIS?


What are the Children Guilty of?

More ISIS and Taliban bombings in the news, killing more children.  My question for those groups is this: What have the children done to offend your god?  I ask, too, Is your concept of Allah that of a supreme being who wants you to cause suffering and death to children who have no power or say over who they are, where they live, or what the adults around them do?

My Muslim friends are as horrified as I am.


Best News in a Long Time

This news gave me hope: Saudi Arabia and 33 others have formed an “Islamic military alliance” to fight terrorism.  Finally, governments that are in the middle of the horror over there, have the power to do something about it, and have a stake–both physically and religiously–are showing strength and determination.

My hope is that they can be a force to wipe out ISIS and other terrorist groups and move the minds and hearts of the people against those who pervert Islam and who convert others to do the same.



ISIS Militants Turning Capitalists

Another cold-hearted action: ISIS militants recently killed a group of Ethiopian Christians in Libya for being Christian.  They did it, of course, in the name of their vision of Allah.  It was a terrible case of man’s inhumanity to man.

There’s an irony to their actions, though.  These “true-belivers” gave the Christians a chance to live, if they’d convert to Islam.  I understand that, sort of.  What I don’t understand, though, is the victims’ other option, which was to pay a tax to remain Christian.  These people would still be Christian, wouldn’t they, and an affront to the militants’ vision of Allah?

I guess even those who fight for all that’s holy can be bought off. Is Western capitalism taking hold within ISIS?


Have These Girls Been Abandoned?

Yesterday marks a year when hundreds of children were ripped from their families.  Their only crime was being females trying to get an education.  Those Nigerian teens (aged 16-18) ended their school day by being kidnapped by Boko Haram militants, who believe that Western education, especially of girls, is an offense against God.  Ultimately, the girls were forced to convert to Islam–the perverted kind practiced by Boko Haram and ISIS–and made to marry the soldiers who kidnapped them.

What kind of person would do that to children?  What kind of God would approve?

Children are to be protected and nurtured, not used and abused.

But rescue attempts have fallen off to almost nothing, and parents continue to grieve.  Where is the world’s indignation?!


How to Stop ISIS & Save a Life

As my family coughed its was through the week, it occurred to me that there’s a simple, bloodless way to stop ISIS and save the Japanese prisoner and possibly future ISIS captives: agree to their proposed prisoner exchange.  But before sending the prisoner back to ISIS, make sure she’s in the process of developing this year’s flu.  She can spread it during her welcome-back celebration.  Those tough guys won’t be able to handle it because they can’t shoot or blow up germs, and that’s all they know how to do.




Simple Strategy for Peace in the Mid East

Hey, Mr. President, I have a strategy for you that would bring peace to the Mid East and lessen fears throughout the world.  Please get the world leaders working on it.

It’s simple, really.  All major nations are skilled in spying and sabotage.  Put those skills to work by creating a huge rift between ISIS/ISIL and the rest of Al- Qaeda.  Convince each that the other is evil and that God wants them  extinguished.  Then stand back and let them destroy each other.

Oh, and, one more thing, Mr. President–just talk to the world leaders about this; do NOT try to get Congressional approval or the process will take ten years.