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Decoding the Bar Code

So often I’ve tried to figure out where a product was made, so I look for a “made in” notation on the label. It’s not always there. Now I know a way to tell–by the first three numbers of the bar code. For example, 690, 691, and 692 mean it was made in China, 471 means Taiwan, 750 Mexico, and anything starting with 0 means United States.

For a full list of numbers and their corresponding countries, go to Barcode Prefixes and Product Country of Origin.

MY America!

In today’s Thursday Thought, “Sully” Sullenberger expresses what I feel about my country.

“This is not the America I know and love…We cannot wait for someone to save us. We must do it ourselves.”

You May be Richer than You Think (or Poorer)

Where we live REALLY does matter…in terms of how rich/poor our salary makes us.  I thought this report was interesting in general, then revealing after I clicked the “View Interactive” button and selected my state.  Try it. Find out where the money you make for working hard at your job places you. The new gilded age–Income inequality in the U.S. by state, metropolitan area, and county.

A Flag with Great Meaning

Today’s Thursday Thought offers two quotes worth remembering on this Flag Day. Our U.S. flag was adopted today in 1777.

“We take the star from Heaven, the red from our mother country, separating it by white stripes, thus showing that we have separated from her, and the white stripes shall go down to posterity representing liberty.” — George Washington.

When we honor our flag we honor what we stand for as a Nation — freedom, equality, justice, and hope.” — Ronald Reagan

Let’s Vow to Stop the Fight

Too much suspicion, accusations, misinformation, downright lies, doublespeak, truth-hiding, denigrating, vilifying, and just plain nastiness.  No wonder our country is so divided.  We need to stop all of that and reunite!

But will that happen when Muller finishes his investigation and issues a report?  I doubt it.  Because, although Muller has a stellar reputation for honesty and integrity on both sides of the Congressional aisle, his findings won’t substantiate what large numbers of people believe, no matter which way it goes.  Leading us into more suspicions, accusations, misinformation, and the rest of it.

I propose that ALL of us–members of  Congress and the general public–take a vow right now, before Muller draws any conclusions.  That vow would be to accept Muller’s findings, whatever they are, and move on.

For the good of our country.  For the good of our souls.

School Taxes & the Childless

Today’s Thursday Thought responds to tax-weary people who don’t have kids but have to pay school taxes.


Who’s at War?

There’s no such thing as a war between countries, as Francois Fenelon points out in today’s Thursday Thought quote:

“All wars are civil wars because all men are brothers…Each one owes infinitely more to the human race than to the particular country in which he was born.”  —  François Fénelon


Post-July 4 Country Love

I may be two days late, but…oh well….  I just really liked these pictures depicting the goodness of our country.  I think you’ll like them, too.  Visit “Thirteen Photos that will Make You Fall in Love with America All Over Again.”

God HAS blessed America!