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Why Do Teachers Strike? Don’t They Care?

They’re out there with signs in the street rather than in their classrooms. Some people drive by and honk in support; others shout insults about overpaid/under-worked people always demanding more money.

Why is it that teachers strike? According to Rebecca Tarlau, who did extensive research on the subject, there are three main reasons that teachers take this action (and I quote her here):

First is the acceleration of market-based education reforms, including the expansion of charter schools.

Second is networks of teacher activists organizing and transforming their unions to focus on broader social issues.

Third is the framing of teacher union action as part of the struggle for racial justice.

All of these factors come back to one thing–the good of their students and offering them the best education possible.

Read about these factors and what else she discovered at What’s Behind the Teacher Strikes?

Women Pay $500 More than Men for Insurance

It’s a widespread belief that men pay more for automobile insurance than women. But that’s only true for young adults.

Several studies in 2018 and 2017 revealed that women over 25, particularly those between 40 and 60, often pay more than men — not less — for auto insurance, all other rating criteria being equal. Now, California has become the latest in a handful of states that have outlawed setting rates for automobile insurance based on gender.

This is the start of an informative article  from Huff Post, titled Car Insurance Companies Charge Women Higher Rates Than Men Because They Can.

Read  about this inequality, what California has done about it, and insurance companies’ answer.

Worth-less Women

Remember all those reports about women making 70 – 80 cents less per hour than men doing the same job? Those were short-term reports. The gap is even larger, according to a 15-year study by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. They say it’s actually 49 cents for every dollar a man makes in the same job.

Yes, there are laws that are supposed to secure pay equity. But they’re being ignored or circumvented by such devices as hiring two people to do the same job yet giving the man one title and the woman another title.

That gap really affects families and children, because half of the people in the workforce are women. If you’re a single mom, that hurts. If you’re a two-salary family out of necessity, that hurts. If you’re a child in either situation, that hurts.

This, then, is more than an economic or fairness issue–although it’s decidedly both.  It’s also a human issue, one that puts women and children, and even men, on the edge of financial disaster and out on the streets.

Do You Know this About Your Car Insurance?

I learned the hard way.  I thought I was covered and financially protected from bad guys.  Not quite true.

I came out of a store, loaded with groceries, only to find that someone had damaged my car.  There was no note, and no culprit in site.  A hit-and-run.  My insurance agent said No problem–it’s  covered and, since it wasn’t my fault, I wouldn’t have to pay the deductible.  He was wrong.

Apparently, because there wasn’t any other person to blame it on, the insurance company had no other person or insurance company to go after to pay for the damage.  Since my company had to pay, they charged me the  deductible (which is pretty hefty).  And this practice is true throughout the insurance industry.

Not your fault, but you have to pay.  Be warned.

The Mom Project

Women DO get paid the same as men–when they first graduate from college.  The wage gap starts to open up as a woman ages toward motherhood.  Moms make 29% less than dads do in the U.S.

Is a woman less smart, capable, or able once she becomes a mother?  This short video from MomUpAmerica.com answers that question with a bit of stinging humor.



Secret Payment

I’d add one thing to today’s Thursday Thought:  Better still if nobody knows you did it.  The secret good feeling is more than enough payment.


What Women Pay More For

It’s been in the news a lot recently, so you’re aware that women are charged more than men for the same or very similar products and services, even though women earn 78% of what men earn for the same job.

I thought you might be interested in learning five of the “biggies” that women pay more for.   Read this Market Watch article to discover how much more a woman pays for a mortgage, dry cleaning, haircuts and hair products, personal care products, cars, and clothing.



A High-Flying Job–Seeking Applicants

Here’s a job for an adventurous soul: astronaut. NASA is seeking people to “person” the next generation of space ships.  If this sounds like a job for you–even though it pays far less than what you’d get as a CEO of a corporation–check out the benefits and requirements at http://www.scribd.com/doc/72816419/Astronaut-Job.

Applications are supposedly available right now, but when I tried to get the link for you none of them worked.  I’m sure if you simply called the Lyndon B.Johnson Space Center and asked for an application for job #JS12A0001 they’d be more than happy to send you one….



Get to Work, Woman!

If you’re a working woman, at the end of today, and adding in last week, you will have earned what a man in your same job earned in just last week. In fact, you’re probably earning 78 cents when that man is earning a dollar. If you’re a woman of color, that pay gap is even larger.

When you retire, you’re twice as likely as a man to live in poverty  because he has more savings than you do.  The  U.S. Government Accountability Office was cited in a December report by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, giving figures related to 401(k) savings accounts: in 2010, women had only 59% of the retirement income that men had.  And the gap isn’t closing.

Oh, and, by the way…today is Equal Pay Day.  This is the day into the year that a woman must work (adding in last year) at the same job a man works, with his having to work only through last December to earn the same amount of money.

Gee.  You’d think that employers still had old fashioned ideas that a woman worked as a hobby, that she has a husband, who is the one who provides for her and the needs of the family and so deserves the job and pay. Naw….who in this day and age would still think such a thing?



Sock it to Her…Again

Love soccer and are good enough at it to play in the World Cup?  Go for it, but, if you’re a woman, don’t expect to be paid the bigger bucks the men get.  Comparing women’s tournaments with men’s is “not worth debating” and “nonsense,” according to FIFA’s Secretary General Jerome Valcke.  He doesn’t anticipate any pay equality in the near future, nor does he see a reason for it, even though women’s soccer is becoming more and more popular.

This is yet another area in which gender discrimination rears its ugly head when the same job is being performed by women as it is by men.

Read more about the situation with the World Cup in the Huffington Post article, “FIFA Has No Plans to Give Women Equal World Cup Pay Any Time Soon.