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Put a Song in Your Heart

How do we make our WORLD great again? Together!

This is a wonderful, inspiring video that should brighten your day and start your week off on a positive note.

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“Silent Night” Origin

Silent Night
“Silent Night, Holy Night” is one of the most popular Christmas Carols in the world and has been translated in over 200 languages. Yet the origin of the song had an unusual beginning. In 1818, a flood had damaged the church organ in the small village of Oberndorf, Austria, just before Christmas Eve, leaving Pastor Joseph Mohr with no music for his Christmas services. Saddened by the thought of Christmas without music, Joseph Mohr wrote a carol that could be sung to guitar music. The choir master, Franz Gruber, helped him by composing a melody for his lyrics. Together they created a carol to sing for the Christmas mass. That night, the people in the little Austrian church sang “Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht” (Silent Night, Holy Night) for the first time.


Over the years, the Christmas carol became famous throughout Europe where it was assumed to be the work of Mozart, Haydn, or Beethoven. The controversy was put to rest in 1994 when a lost arrangement of “Stille Nacht” was found and written in Joseph Mohr’s handwriting. On the music sheet, Mohr had given credit to his friend by writing “Melody by Franz Xav. Gruber” in the upper right-hand corner.

From Monthly Wisdom Newsletterhttp://aikiway.com/

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These 2 Kids Brightened MY Day!

He’s 10 and she’s 7.  Together–they are make beautiful, uplifting music!  

Splish-Splash Gate

Is anyone else bothered by all the Trump brand water bottles at every seat during government meetings?  They’re clear as, well, water, in pictures all over the media.  I’m irritated by the fact that taxpayers are forced to buy a Trump product and that this product gets frequent, free, valuable advertising.

On the lighter side: There was Watergate, then Whitewater. Could this be Splish-Splash Gate?  Consider President Trump’s normal demeanor in light of the lyrics to the old Bobby Darin song “Splish Spash.”

Rolling Balls, Politics, and Interesting Americana

Here’s a phrase most of us use: ““Keep the ball rolling,” meaning to keep an activity going, to keep people enthusiastic about it.  It has an interesting history, especially in politics.

That’s what the Presidential candidates are trying to do.  “Keep the ball rolling” is an old American phrase that originated during the 1840 election–a contest between incumbent President Martin Van Buren and Whig candidates Martin Van Buren and war-hero Gen. William Harrison.  That was the election that historians say began all the hoop-la of campaigning, like publicity stunts, songs, and slogans.  In fact, historians say that’s when the first campaign slogan was born: “Tippecanoe and Tyler, too.”

So what does that have to do with our phrase “keep the ball rolling”?  Here are some of the song’s lyrics: “Don’t you hear from every quarter, quarter, quarter,/Good news and true,/That swift the ball is rolling on/For Tippecanoe and Tyler Too.”

PLUS, the Harrison camp referred to “Victory Balls,” referring not to formal dances but to the 10′ diameter balls made of tin and leather that they rolled from one campaign rally to the next one, where supporters were urged to push the balls to the next rally…to “keep the ball rolling.”

I have to admit, right now, with all the political rhetoric and negativity, I’d very much like to let the air out of all the candidates’ rolling balls!



A Wedding Surprise

I’m sure you’re familiar with the song about the Broken Hallelujah. This currently popular song is being adapted in interesting ways. One adaptation tells the Easter story.  Another was a surprise for a bride and groom as they sat in their wedding chairs on an Irish altar.  The priest walked to the altar.  Gentle music began playing. And he sang out his version of the song, tailored to the happy (and startled) couple.  I found it fun and charming.  Take a look: