This Could Be Me, You, or Someone We Love

(This isn’t me. Or you. But it could be in the future. Or someone we love. These could very well be the thoughts and feelings of someone you know or in your neighborhood. It’s a silent plea that, while we can, we should respond to. Think about this imaginary woman.)

I feel so guilty.  I’ve always swept up my garden debris within an hour after the trash truck has come by, and I’ve taken such pride in keeping my sidewalk clear of all the stuff that blows in from all over.  Now, though, my husband’s in the hospital and my arthritis is too bad to let me drive to go see him, let alone keep up the house, inside or out.  We don’t have any family close by who can help.  We’ve lived here forty years. People know how neat and clean we are. You’d think a neighbor would notice the mess and come by to check on us.  I’m so alone, but I can’t call and impose on them.  I’d be a burden.  That would make me feel worse.  But if somebody just noticed, if they’d just call or drop by—I wouldn’t mind.  Sure, it would be nice if they’d offer to drive me to see my husband or maybe sweep up out front—but even a little company would help a lot.  I’m just so very lonely and overwhelmed.  If only somebody would notice. . . .

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