Are You Supporting Selling Humans?

When you get your nails done, your room cleaned on vacation, or have your table cleared at a coffee shop; or you glance at farmworkers along the highway, construction workers, nannies tending children in the park; or open a can of fruit or buy clothing—are you supporting human trafficking?  These are all industries that use people who have been abducted or are being forced to work or who were deceived about what they would be doing or how much they’d be paid.  Many work under the threat of being deported or having loved ones harmed.  These people are, in essence, slaves…and people you can help.  During this Human Trafficking awareness month, go to to learn how to recognize victims, common myths about it, and ways you can help. Then keep your eyes open so you can live your faith by helping these vulnerable people we meet in our daily lives.

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