Email Hysteria

Pelosi cheats at Scrabble. McCarthy hates dogs. Silly? Of course. But not as dangerous as misinformation arriving in our Inbox: frantic emails questioning a candidate’s source of income or attitudes toward ethnic or socio-economic groups; frenzied ones delving into hidden “truths” about their family or lack of patriotism. If you want to make a rational, informed choice for our next President or representatives, NEVER accept these emails at face value. When an emotional email comes in that looks like it may have a kernel of truth but doesn’t quite feel right, check it out with a reputable, unbiased urban legend website like If you find that the email contains twisted or untrue “facts,” reply to that email with either a short note and a reference to the article or cut and paste from that article. And be sure to select “Reply To All” so that others who received it can be informed. Voting is too important not to get our facts straight first.

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