Buying a Pet

A darling puppy presses its damp nose against the store window.  One of the popular breeds.  You promised the kids a pet…Stop!  Although the salesman says they don’t get their animals from puppy/kitten mills, most pet stores do.  This pup’s mom probably spends her life in an area that’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter, in a small cage, never allowed to run and play.  She keeps on birthing pups as fast as the owners can breed her.  When she’s too sick or old to produce, she’s destroyed.  So, adopt an animal from the Humane Society, friend, or breed-specific rescue-group—then have it spayed or neutered.  By adopting and spaying/neutering a dog or cat, you deprive unscrupulous breeders of the reason to stay in business, don’t add to the population of unwanted animals, and save the life of one of the 2.7 million healthy dogs and cats euthanized each year simply because of overpopulation.  Ask yourself: Were these lovable companions created only to have us abuse and kill them?  I doubt it.

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