Readers’ Comments






” You encourage me to take the small steps that add up to change [and] challenge me to think and to act outside of my comfort zone….Thanks for giving us all a nudge in the right direction….”  L.F., San Jose, CA

“It makes you think about how we could all help our world to be a better place in which to live.  God bless!”  L.L., San Jose, CA

“[The items are] very pleasant to read, get the message over clearly, quickly, leave (in my opinion) a good feeling in the reader and a positive call for action….A blessing to everyone who reads them….”  T.P., San Ramon, CA

Re: Charity on a Budget“:  “No more ‘making excuses.'”  A.H., San Jose, CA

“[The suggestions] are “wonderful.”  C.B., San Jose, CA


[Re: The Grouch:  “This is great!”  T.R., San Jose, CA

“It is well done….Writing helps us get clear on what we really think and believe.  I would encourage you to share it.”  J.J., Louisville, KY

“We really need to help each other.”  V.B., San Jose, CA

“…Interesting…something we all know but needed to see in writing.”  R.R., Bayonne, NJ

“What a wonderful gift you are to others!” S.W., San Jose, CA


“Your little book is so wonderful!  It speaks to me so well, down to the worm story that my grandson has picked up.  This would be a wonderful gift.”  P.S., San Jose, CA

“I love your book!  Within that small soul of yours is a large spirit.”  M.B., San Jose, CA

“I got it today and perused Chapter 3 and started having second thoughts about firing my housekeeper.  Thanks a heap!  @#$%&@#$%^&*!”—L.Y., Walnut, CA

“It’s great.  I keep it in my purse and read a little at [places like] the dentist’s office.  I love it!” – J.G., San Jose, CA

“Incredible!  Wonderful!  I have talked to a couple of ministries to buy it in bulk and read as a group…I  pray this happens.” – O.S., San Jose, CA


“Working my way through your book, little by little.  Just read a little before turning out the light at night.  Amazing all the ideas you’ve come up with….Should be part of every [church’s] social justice program!” —  C.T., San Jose, CA

“I really enjoyed reading your book….It’s inspired by God….The little things we do are big things to God.”  — Fr. E., San Jose, CA

“Am loving your book!”  —  J.T., San Jose, CA

“Excellent!  I’m giving it to all the brothers to read.”  —  S.P., Vacaville, CA

“I really enjoyed the book.  I loved all the articles.”  —  B.A., San Jose,CA


“It’s a gem.  This book could also be called ‘How To Be A Better Person Without Trying Very Hard.’  The ideas in this book are practical and user friendly.  They are the answer to the question ‘What Would Jesus Do?’….”  [Read the rest of this review at–see direct link below.] —  L.T., San Jose, CA

“The book was great!  a MUST read, I finished it in a couple of hours reading and will definitely read it again to find ALL the great resources that were given….Thanks…!”  —  O.S., San Jose, CA”Am loving your book.”  —  J.T., San Jose, CA

“Your book is great!”  —  R.S.f, San Jose, CA

“[I was given] a copy of your fabulous book.  You speak to social justice through Christ’s love so very well.  [It] helped me get through some rough spots in pre-surgery time of fear and the low points afterward.  It is a book to read and reread as it applies to our daily lives.  Thank you for writing it!”  —  M.M., San Jose, CA

“Your ideas were thoughtful, useful and give practical suggestions to follow.”  —  J.W., Los Altos, CA


“I love your book!”  —  M.B., San Jose, CA

“It’s very pleasant to read and has great ideas in it.”  — E.Z., San Jose, CA

“WOW!!!  …That is so awesome!  It is a very good book.”  —  L.M., San Jose, CA

I recently purchased “Small Things Count” and I must say it was a wonderful collection of ideas, some that have always been known to me and some new. Either way it was an awakening to little ways to make a difference in others’ lives.  Being physically challenged myself, little thoughful things people have made in my life have left a lifetime of remembering that there are wonderful people out there who really do care, in a world that can often make you feel left out and so me , “Small Things DO Count”! Great reading!!  —  S,M., Morrisville, PA