About the Book

We try to live decent lives. We give to charities, contribute to food banks, try not to disturb the homeless man sleeping in a doorway, even help sort gifts at Christmas for underprivileged children. We try to stay informed about the issues. We know that people were not meant to live with prejudice, poverty, hunger, hatred, destruction of life, and the myriad of other human injustices we see around us. But we don’t have the time or temperament to participate in demonstrations, and we don’t make the laws. What else can we do?

Most of us fail to realize how many opportunities come our way each and every day to work toward a more compassionate world. This book points out some of these opportunities. It is based on Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s advice to “Do small things with great love.” She understood that a small, loving action has the power to affect the entire world.

We begin by adopting some “We-Attitudes,” new ways to look at each other for what we are—all part of the same human family. Then we apply those attitudes to work, school, home, church, social groups, or wherever find ourselves on any given day. We do so by trying out some of the simple, practical actions suggested for each of these “We-Attitudes.”

The book is written from a Christian point of view. However, it speaks to everybody. After all, people of any faith, non-believers, and agnostics are all united in a common desire–for a healthier world. This book, then, is for everyone who wants to take part in building that world.

Please browse through the pages of this website to see what Small Things Count is all about.  Meet the author, Jackie O’Donnell, on the About the Author page.  Go to About the Book to learn something about the book and discover the “We-Attitudes.”  On the Sample the Book page you can read some of what the book contains.  Want to know what people think about it?  Then check out the Readers’ Comments page (actual unsolicited comments from readers) and the Critical Reviews page (book critic reviews).   There’s even a  discussion guide for your study group–just copy it from the Study Guide page.  Lastly, click on Blog to leave a comment or dialog with me and others.

If you like what you see, you can order a FREE copy (just $5.00 S/H) by contacting the author at [email protected] or downloading it FREE at your favorite eBook provider (see details at https://smthingscount.com/my-free-ebooks).

I hope you enjoy Small Things Count–Simple Ways to Live Christ’s Love Each Day.  Let yourself laugh a little, cry a little, feel a bit of anger and even guilt as you recognize yourself.  Then put the ideas into practice and be part of building a better world.

What is a Christian butterfly? 

Read Small Things Count! to find out and to discover

how you can become one.