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Bees on Pot?!

Yup. It’s happening. And it’s a good thing. Bees are dying out, but we humans need them to pollinate plants we eat and to nourish animals that become our food. We don’t think of that when we shoo them away or kill them.

There are things we can plant to help bring back the population. And if you’re growing marijuana in your back yard, you may already be doing your part.

This article explains the bees’ vital contribution to humans, what plants we can plant to sustain them, and the place cannabis crops have in helping these little creatures: If you want to save bumble bees, plant these flowers in your yard

When Those Backyard Critters Upset You…

Do you get irked by possums and squirrels in your yard? Maybe coyotes or deer that wander into your neighborhood in search of food or water? Or other critters gnawing on your plants? Think about this:

Enjoy a Climate-Friendly Yard

Are you thinking about redoing part of your yard, or even all of it?  Now is a good time to do some eco-thinking.  The right yard can be friendly to our planet, easy to keep up, cheap to maintain, and beautiful, all at once.  Before reaching for your gardening tools or taking a trip to the local plant nursery, consider what is in the article How to Put Your Yard to Work for the environment.”


Tip: Clean Up from Winter

As you clean up your yard from the winter, set aside a spot and start a compost pile.  If you prefer, there are many easy-to-use composting containers available on the market (no worms required).  Ask at your local garden store.  If composting isn’t to your liking, at least make sure to recycle all those yard clippings and debris in the weekly curbside pickup.

Leaf 6

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