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Is Your Company Making You Richer?

Are you enjoying the windfall your company has thanks to their big tax break? They’re sharing it with you, aren’t they? Did you get a bonus–that one-time, no-future-bonuses, no-raise bonus? How about an increase in salary or benefits?  Probably not.  Read this Bloomberg article, What Companies Are Really Doing With Their Tax Windfall (So Far):

Despite the headlines, it turns out most companies aren’t doing much at all with their tax savings, according to a new survey from Willis Towers Watson. At least not yet.

The HR consulting firm asked 333 employers with at least 1,000 employees what they have done or plan to do as a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Only 4 percent of companies said they had “increased wages for all employees”; an additional 3 percent said they planned to do so in the next year. While an further 13 percent said they’re “considering taking action this year or next,” a full 80 percent of companies aren’t considering giving raises at all.



A National Expensive Disgrace

What is both a national disgrace AND costing our country a bundle of money?  Racism.  Read the article Racism costs U.S. billions every year.  Part of it says,

“Closing the income gap between whites and minorities, would boost earnings by 12 percent, an economic windfall of $1 trillion, for a nation burdened by debt and an anemic job market, according to a recent study by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the Altarum Institute…..

“Minorities make up 37 percent of the working age population now, but they are projected to grow to 46 percent by 2030, and 55 percent by 2050. Closing the earnings gap by 2030 would increase GDP by 16 percent, or more than $5 trillion a year,” stated the report. Federal tax revenues would increase by over $1 trillion and corporate profits would increase by $450 billion.”

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