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Walmart’s Not-So-Super Market

If you think that Walmart has good deals, you haven’t visited their supermarket or read the results of the Consumer Reports survey of their subscribers.  Those surveyed complained that items are often out of stock and that there are too few check-outs.  The produce and meat are of low quality, as well.  As for those supposedly low prices, think again; survey respondents found that prices are just as low or even lower at other supermarket chains.  Yes, they, like many others, do a product match.  However, if you’ve ever tried to cash in on that at any store you knows that the product must be published in the other store’s current ad and be the exact size, type, and brand for the price-match to be honored, and that happens rarely.

Overall, although Walmart is the largest grocer, those surveyed rated them at the very bottom of all of the grocers.  I can’t help thinking that if these complaints are true of the grocery department, what does that say about the policies and workings of all their other departments?

I admit that I dislike Walmart—I don’t approve of their mistreatment of workers and their hiring/firing practices, among other human rights issues.  Now I have one more reason to avoid the place.