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Hope for Pregnant Workers

There’s hope for pregnant women.  They’re often fired from their jobs because of “unreasonable demands,” like taking bathroom breaks, needing to keep a bottle of water nearby, or having to get help with lifting heavy loads.  (These are actual cases.)

Today, Senators Bob Casey and Jeanne Shaheen are introducing their Pregnant Workers Fairness Act in the U.S. Senate.  It isn’t proposing that employers make major concessions, just the same reasonable ones afforded to people with disabilities.  It would be illegal to fire a pregnant woman for needing such small accommodations.

Since May, when Rep. Jerrold Nadler brought this bill to the House, it has gained 100+ co-sponsors, plus support from a variety of organizations– public health, business, women, workers, and religious.

Sounds like a no-brainer to me.



They’re smuggling pregnant women

[This information greatly disturbed me.  I did what little I can–signed the petition.  It’s from Avaaz.org, a 35-million-strong global campaign network.]


Nine months pregnant and in chains, Haben’s* torturers beat her ruthlessly demanding a $35,000 ransom from her husband. She gave birth in shackles, beside other terrified captives, with only rusty metal to cut the umbilical cord. It’s unbelievable that this is happening in 2014!

Amazingly Haben survived — but she is one of thousands of East Africans who have been abducted by criminal trafficking rings, and tortured in Egypt’s Sinai until their desperate families pay huge ransoms for their freedom. If we can show Egypt’s leaders that this dirty secret is out and damaging the Sinai’s tourism reputation as the ‘Red Sea Riviera’, they could break the trafficking rings, and free these slaves. 

Every hour these men, women and children are in captivity is an hour too long. Sign the urgent petition now and forward it to everyone. When we reach 1 million signers, Avaaz will raise a massive media storm to pressure Egypt to act:


If we can stop human smuggling in the Sinai — one of the most notorious routes for human trafficking in the world — we can strike a blow against a trade that imprisons nearly one million people a year.    

And it’s possible. Let’s start it all with a million person movement to end this horrific trade in human suffering. Sign now and share with others:



Our community has stepped in repeatedly to help those trapped in terrible conditions. Last year, we helped rescue migrant Indian labourers trapped in Bahrain. And we’ve helped provide food and medicine to those trapped in Syria. Now let’s help liberate those being tortured in Egypt.

With hope and determination,

Nick, Ari, Bissan, Alice, Wissam, Ricken and the entire Avaaz team

*Haben is a pseudonym, but her story is real.


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PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION: http://www.avaaz.org/en/end_the_torture_trade_loc/?bLDjobb&v=40063



I Can’t “Weight” to Fly

Weigh in at the airport.  That’s what a professor in Norway is proposing.  If you’re over a certain weight, you pay more for your seat.  I assume the rule would be applied evenly to people who are over the limit for all reasons. I’m for that!  Make those obese people pay more, even if they do have a medical condition.  That pregnant woman–it’s her choice to be carrying that extra weight.  Those sports stars, too, who bulk up to fight better, throw balls farther, and squash their opponents more effectively during a game or match.  Those people, too, who claim to weigh just the right amount because they’re 7 feet tall –they block the movie screen from the seat behind them, anyway, and should pay for that, too.  And don’t forget the people wearing heavy casts or leg braces–if they were close to the weight limit without them they should have dieted before flying.  All these people deserve to pay more!  (Of course, I can’t fly anymore, but that’s beside the point.)  Right on, Professor Whoever!