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Earth-Friendly Tip: Earth Hour

It’s happening now, wherever 8:30 PM local time arrives.  People are turning off their lights for an hour in solidarity for working toward a sustainable future.  This year’s participants are expected to include 152 countries on all continents and landmarks in 7000 cities.

Turning off the lights is only a symbol, of course, but this annual event (7 years old) really is having an effect.  Last year, 35,000 American Girl Scouts were inspired to go into their community and install 132,141 energy-efficient light bulbs.  The former president of Botswana has organized to plant 100,000 trees in devastated areas.  In Russia, 100,000 people are expected to sign petitions to change current laws related to forests, including industrial logging.   Most of all, people are acknowledging the fact that all of us together need to work on saving our not-inexhaustible resources and keeping our Earth healthy for future generations.