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I Can’t “Weight” to Fly

Weigh in at the airport.  That’s what a professor in Norway is proposing.  If you’re over a certain weight, you pay more for your seat.  I assume the rule would be applied evenly to people who are over the limit for all reasons. I’m for that!  Make those obese people pay more, even if they do have a medical condition.  That pregnant woman–it’s her choice to be carrying that extra weight.  Those sports stars, too, who bulk up to fight better, throw balls farther, and squash their opponents more effectively during a game or match.  Those people, too, who claim to weigh just the right amount because they’re 7 feet tall –they block the movie screen from the seat behind them, anyway, and should pay for that, too.  And don’t forget the people wearing heavy casts or leg braces–if they were close to the weight limit without them they should have dieted before flying.  All these people deserve to pay more!  (Of course, I can’t fly anymore, but that’s beside the point.)  Right on, Professor Whoever!