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Happy Lunar New Year!

Actually, here in the West, Chinese New Year began yesterday (today in Asia). Even so, a fresh, new year is always something to celebrate.  This is the Year of the Pig, the last in line of the 12 zodiac animals.

You, like me, may not know a whole lot about this event. I found out a lot of interesting stuff at Year of the Pig. It tells, among other things, characteristics of people born under this sign and who they’re compatible (or incompatible) with. You may want to take a look.  You don’t have to believe in it. But it does give a glimpse into a culture you may not be familiar with. And that’s always a good idea.

Friday Chuckle

I thought I’d wind down my Week of Positivity with another cartoon. Just for fun. (Thank you, Chris Basanese, for this chuckle.)

Cute Cartoon; Good Idea

Here’s something positive to get 2019 started off in the right direction:

A Golden Way to Start the New Year

I thought it would be good to start the new year by reminding ourselves of a guideline that is so basic that all major religions have it written into their holy book.

A happy, peaceful, loving 2019 to you, your loved ones, and our world.

For My Readers

I won’t be signing on again until Jan. 2, so let me take this opportunity to wish all of my readers a happy, healthy, peaceful, safe, and inspirational 2018.  I don’t mention “prosperous,” because if we have all those other things, we’re prosperous far beyond what financial success can bring.

About Resolutions

[Something to bolster your New Year’s resolutions: ]

“The single largest pool of untapped resource in this world is human good intentions that never translate into action.”

— Cindy Gallop

[Especially good intentions like being kinder and more tolerant with each other and helping people make better lives for     themselves.]

I Know Where You Are Today…But Not Tomorrow

We’ll start 2017 with a little laugh at ourselves.  Let’s hear it for good intentions…and  for the fact that we’re human.  Then we can get on with the main task of the new year, living.

Have a 2017 filled with health, happiness, and the joy of life!

A Simple New Year’s Resolution

Today’s Thursday Thought quote heads us in the right direction for 2017.

“Let our New Year’s resolution be this: we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.” — Goran Persson







Last-Minute Resolution to Consider

This is the last day to make our New Year’s resolutions.  May as well forget the traditional weight-loss one, since we fail before February anyway.  We could resolve to quit smoking or swearing, be more organized or thrifty…. Then, again, we could step out from our own little world into the larger one.  We can make this the year to help protect and nurture a child.  Yes, we can send money to support a child on another continent, but why not make it more personal?  One way is to volunteer at a local hospital as a person who cuddles at-risk infants, giving them the warm contact that will save their lives.  Another is to become a Foster Grandparent, Big Brother/Sister, or Child Advocate.  Also, we must do something when we see that timid first-grader being bullied by other kids.  Closer to home, we can spend more time with our own children or grandchildren, playing games, taking walks, and providing times for talk to happen. Focusing on children is a resolution that makes a brighter year for everybody.

Happy New Year.  May 2015 be a year of peace in the world and in your lives!