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Seeds of Peace

Because of the significance of the season--notably Good Friday today, beginning of Passover tonight, Easter Sunday in two days–I’d like us all to think about peace.

PEACE is God’s loving gift to us.  All He asks is that we accept it together.  All of us, from all faiths.  One way is through “The Peace Seeds.”  These 12 prayers were prayed in  Assisi on the 1986 Day of Prayer for World Peace.  They are Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Muslim, Sikh, Bahai’, Shinto, Native African, Native American, Zoroastrian, Jewish, and Christian.  They may refer to the Life Force in different ways, but all call on it to help us attain the peace our Father wishes for us.

Let each prayer touch you deeply, where your longing for peace lives. Feel the unity of the world is in its craving for peace.  Then call upon God using each prayer.  You may want to change the references you aren’t comfortable with: “Vedic Law” in the Hindu to “Holy Law” or “Buddhahood” to “Your Will.” Remember: God wants not mere words from us but a unified desire to accept His gift.

You’ll find the Peace Seed Prayers at http://chaplaincyinstitute.org/library/blessings-and-prayers/interfaith-prayers-for-peace.

April: Focusing on Faith

April is a busy month.  Several religions celebrate important spiritual occasions during this month.  I thought I’d list them and encourage all believers to honor their own  religious tradition not only by  respecting the sacred beliefs of others but also by remembering that we are all part of the same human family under that Supreme Being/Force/God–whatever name we affix to Him/Her/It.


1–Lazarus Saturday – Orthodox Christian

2–Palm Sunday – Orthodox Christian

5–Ramanavami  – Hindu

9–Palm Sunday- Christian

10–Mahavir Jayanti  – Jain

11–Lord’s Evening Meal – Jehovah’s Witness Christian

.     Hanuman Jayanti – Hindu

11-14–Theravadin New Year  – Buddhist

11-18–Pesach (Passover)  – Jewish

13–Maundy Thursday – Christian

14–Holy Friday – Orthodox Christian

.      Baisakhi (Vaisakhi) – Sikh

.      Good Friday – Christian

16–Easter – Christian

.      Pascha (Easter) – Orthodox Christian

21–First Day of Ridvan  – Baha’i

23–St. George’s Day – Christian

.       Yom HaShoah  – Jewish

24–Lailat al Miraj * – Islam

29–Ninth Day of Ridvan  – Baha’i

30–St. James the Great Day – Orthodox Christian

Special blessings to all this month!


A Saintly Idea

MOTHER TERESA, the newest Catholic saint, was blessed with the wisdom to understand life in its most simple elements.   In today’s Thursday Thought quote she describes a philosophy she lived by and that would do us good to remember in this world in which atrocities are done in the name of God (no matter what name He/She is called by):

“There is only one God and He is God to all; therefore it is important that everyone is seen as equal before God. I’ve always said we should help a Hindu become a better Hindu, a Muslim become a better Muslim, a Buddhist become a better Buddhist and a Christian become a better Christian.”