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Some Good in the Midst of Anguish

Although I’m deeply saddened by the daily news of even more people’s lives being taken by the coronavirus, I’m heartened by what is suddenly NOT in the news–shootings, small and large. Until the last few months, shootings were a daily occurrence.

In my fantasy world, when we come out of this pandemic, that particular lack of news will continue. In my perfect civilian world, guns will be used for sport only–target shooting and humane hunting. I’d like to think this virus has killed off another virus, that of hatred and bigotry that leads us to taking up guns to kill each other. I’d like to think that this experience we’re sharing reminds us that, despite our differences, we are all part of and responsible for the human family.

More than Just Remembering

Sept. 11 is more than just a day we remember the horrific attack on our country and all the devastation and loss of life. It’s a day when we banish division, hatred, animosity, self-centeredness, and all the evils that are tearing our country apart. Let’s let today be the re-start of a nation-family that honors, respects, and listens to each other and has the highest good for our fellow Americans–and the whole human family–at heart.

The Benefits of Being Alone

Not talking about being lonely, just being alone. There’s a big difference. What with being plugged into our electronic devices, finding parties to go to, hustling about in groups at work or crowds getting to/from work, taking care of family, we don’t have a lot of time alone, by ourselves. Yet, being alone is good for us. It aids creativity, production, happiness, outlook, a chance to do what you want to do, and even sociability.

Sound impossible? Read Leigh Weingus’ Huffington Post article Alone time’ is really good for you. In fact, read it all by yourself, with nobody else around.

Reagan Wisdom

I admit, I wasn’t overjoyed with Ronald Reagan as the governor of my state, and I disagreed with some of his Presidential policies. Often, though, he made good sense, as in today’s Thursday Thought quote.

When We Pass This Way

Today’s Thursday Thought dates back to the 1700s but is still relevant today.


What’s in a Smile?

It’s tiny, sometimes bubbling up from within us, sometimes called up because we think it would be appropriate.  No matter.  As today’s Thursday Thought quote illustrates, it has great power.




An Upper for a Downer Day

Having a Blue Monday?  Some days we feel there’s nothing but trouble and evil in the world.  When you have one of those days, take a look at these photos.  They’ll remind you that this really is a pretty good world, after all.

The file will appear as a jpeg file ready for you to open.  It’s a safe download of thumbnails.  Double-click on the pictures to enlarge.


[Thanks to Linda Younts for sending me these pictures.]




BEFORE You Donate to Good Will…

Put yourself in this position: You are given a job that doesn’t fit your abilities, then criticized and have your pay lowered when you don’t perform well.  You may get 58 cents an hour while the executives are paid $48,000 and up a year.  The “company” grosses $56 million a year while getting hundreds of millions of dollars in government support, yet none of that money is passed on to you, the worker.

This is Good Will Industries.  Their mission is to help the disabled by giving them work, but, in many cases, they hold back people who, properly trained and given the opportunity, could earn their own way into a satisfying, non-poverty-level life.

There are so may other organizations out there that we can give our goods to– Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, charity-supporting thrift stores, etc.–that have low administrative costs and do a huge amount of good work that actually build up people’s lives.

Before you give anything to Good Will, take a look at this eye-opening video: http://www.upworthy.com/words-like-good-and-will-dont-belong-together-if-this-is-the-kind-of-thing-they-do-5?c=bl3.


[Full disclosure: I am a person with a disability.]




Thoughtful Thursday: Seneca Sense

“We are members of one great body. Nature planted in us a mutual love, and fitted us for a social life. We must consider that we were born for the good of the whole.”  —  Seneca

[This is a good thought during this season of love.  May we extend it into and throughout the new year.]