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KEA: A Great Idea!

Kaskazi Environmental Alliance (KEA) has an exciting, innovative idea: teach E. Africans about the importance of their environment and how that environment affects everyone on Earth; get them excited about and active in preserving their eco-system; and provide jobs that will help them pull themselves out of poverty.

KEA will offer marine science programs to the people who will be stewards of the Earth in the future–the youth. They will also build a world-class aquarium and marine research and conservation center.  Additionally, they plan to turn a dangerous eyesore of a dump into a recycling center  Through all of this, they will employ local people, giving them life-saving jobs and hope for a better future.

I think this U.S.-based not-for-profit has the right idea.  And the group creating and running it has the vision, energy, and dedication to make it work.

KEA is only a few years old. However, as it goes along, , I believe it will act just like its namesake, the African Kaskazi winds, calming the storms of poverty, environmental degradation, and inadequate education.

I’ll be watching them…and reporting on them here from time to time.  Meanwhile, learn more about KEA by going to their website, www.KEAinc.org.


Stop the Deep Sea Mine

Imagine a deep-ocean mine, right next to a very rich eco system, run by a failing company with no experience on this large a scale, one that  just might be tempted to take chances that would destroy that eco system and do further harm to our already already-fragile, dying oceans.  Who in their right mind would allow it?

The Canadian mining company I just described has actually been given a licence to do deep-ocean mining off the coast of  Papua New Guinea, near a treasured eco-system.

It is possible to stop it, though.  The financially troubled company is seeking investors.  If enough pressure is put on these investors, the project will not go through.

Go to Papua New Guinea: Stop the deep sea mine to read more and sign a petition that will be sent to potential investors.