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Thank you, Mom

In this short video, the thank you goes out to moms who love their kids who will be viewed by many people as “different” — moms who assures their kids that “things will get easier.”  May it be so.


Can-You? Of Course!

All that good stuff–at farmers’ markets and in our own gardens.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all year ’round?  Believe it or not, there are easy ways to can those fruits and veggies.  At the same time, you reduce greenhouse emissions, 1/5 of which are the result of food choices and the food industry.

Download the free “Canning for the Climate Kit” and get started today.

Think about it: free strawberries in November…Yum!



Enjoy a Climate-Friendly Yard

Are you thinking about redoing part of your yard, or even all of it?  Now is a good time to do some eco-thinking.  The right yard can be friendly to our planet, easy to keep up, cheap to maintain, and beautiful, all at once.  Before reaching for your gardening tools or taking a trip to the local plant nursery, consider what is in the article How to Put Your Yard to Work for the environment.”