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A Hug Tunnel!

What a great idea! Especially today, in our isolated world. It’s only for a few people right now, but I hope the idea spreads. Here’s the story:

A care home for elderly people in southern Brazil has come up with a creative way to bring some love to its residents amid the coronavirus pandemic, by creating a “hug tunnel” that allows relatives to safely embrace them. READ MORE AT Brazilian care home creates ‘hug tunnel’ so loved ones can embrace elderly relatives.

Come on, Ryan–Man Up!

It’s bad enough that an athlete representing the United States should vandalize and act like a jerk in another country.  But Ryan Lochte himself shouldn’t have made things worse.

Maybe he was encouraged by the people who were urging everyone to “give him a break,” because the swim team were “just kids” doing “mischief.”  KIDS?  At their age?  MISCHIEF?  Destroying and urinating on other people’s property?

Ryan hasn’t actually apologized to Brazil yet.  His explanations relate to himself, not to others:  “I should have been more careful” – “I made a mistake. – “I learned a lesson.”  He admits to immature behavior and “over-exaggerating” the facts. And his excuse is that he was drunk.

But there’s no apology to the Brazilians–or to the American people,  whom he disgraced.

Come on, Ryan.  You’re 32.  Grow up.  And man up.


Olympics, Brazilian Style

Watch this video about the first-ever indigenous games.  Different sports, different costumes, different purpose.  What is the same, though, is that people let politics get in the way.

Check out the #Olympics in #Brazil – no, not Rio 2016, but the first-ever Indigenous Games. Part sport, part tradition, part protest:

Posted by CNN Connect the World on Monday, November 9, 2015


Handicapped Parking Cheat Faces Perfect Creative Revenge

As a person who has had to give up and go home instead of shopping for groceries or meeting friends for lunch because someone has decided that it was fine to park in a handicap space “for just a minute,” this video really appeals to me.  I’d go one step farther, though, and hope that the driver got cited to littering.  (Thanks to Linda Younts for this one.)

Click on https://www.yahoo.com/makers/we-think-this-handicapped-parking-scofflaw-got-the-125450548670.html?soc_src=mail&soc_trk=ma.